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Thursday, August 15th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

It’s 1619, you’re a guy named Raleigh who’s been busted for your nefarious ways and sentenced to death by the King of England. You’re not ready to go out like that though; you still have a lot of life in you. So, you set out for the colonies to make a name for yourself by doing something heroic to put yourself back in the king’s favor. You set your sights on the lost colony of Roanoke where surely you can become a hero in the war against the Spanish and nab yourself a reprieve on that execution thing. Except…the colonies, they’re on Mars. And the Spanish, they fight alongside the Martian Overlords. And you, you’re going to take them all on with your retro-futuristic wooden sky jet-ski armed with lasers!

I know, it sounds nutty right? It certainly is. The story plays directly to fans of science fiction though, especially if you’re a fan of things such as “John Carter of Mars”. Thankfully, this shoot-em-up packs in plenty of action to spice things up and screens full of bullet hell that will keep you on your toes. The controls are tight enough to make these moments of on screen chaos manageable. There are times where Jamestown feels like it might be a bit of an easy mode for the classic shmup fan; Raleigh’s hitbox is very tiny and you’ll find yourself getting away with moves that you know shouldn’t be able to. The game still manages to be a great time though and the story is so far out there, it feels worth pushing through the levels just to find out where they’re going with Sir Raleigh of Mars.

Come find me!

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Thursday, August 08th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

Back in February, I built a new pc solely for the purpose of returning to the world of PC gaming. Since then I’ve fallen in love with Steam and the multitude of games and bargains contained with in! Some of my biggest enjoyment comes from the plethora of retro style platformers that exist out there as they all feel nostalgic and I find that oddly enough…in my old age, Im actually way better at them than I was a kid! Who’d a thunk? These days, video games have become my vice since I quit smoking and emotional eating, so I go through quite a few games. My nightly ‘unwind’ is to play, which all in all is quite a bit healthier than my old habits! Going along with the games, I’ve gotten in with a great community on Steam and I’ve been having a blast posting random game recommendations on there, so I figured I’d start talking games here in an effort to breathe some life into Cinema Fromage.

If you’re on Steam and want to play some time, be sure to add me! Cinema Fromage on Steam

I’m a little thick sometimes. When I first bought SHoDN during the summer sale, I played it about three times and I didn’t get it. There wasn’t a lot of explanation to the game and with the over stimulation that the summer sale brings, I didn’t have the attention span to sit down and give it a chance. I wound up shutting the game down, vaguely wondering if I wasted $3 and proceeded to waste my time in other things.

Cut to three weeks later, I see people talking about SHoDN on the forums a lot and I figure I paid $3 for it; I might as well give it a shot. The first time through, I thought the keyboard controls were a little cumbersome but I was starting to understand the game concept; score points, extend your time, get us far down the tower as you can. Seemed solid, it was starting to sink its claws in.

Later that morning, I was messaged by someone on my friends list, urging me to submit my scores so they had somebody to compete against on the leader boards. I hadn’t even realized there were leaderboards, so I played through again and submitted. That’s when the claws sunk in even deeper; competing against your friend’s high scores is super addictive. I figured I was in there, so I started clicking around in the menus and that’s when I discovered that there’s controller support in SHoDN! Around this time, a game I thought I might have wasted my money on turned into a full on addiction.

SHoDN is dead simple in concept, but with challenging maps and tight controls it turns into a great little time attack platformer. It’s difficult in all the right ways and its design of getting ever farther down the tower, combined with trying to outscore your friends list makes it a game you’ll return to. It’s simple nature makes it a perfect fit for those times when you want 10 minutes of distraction instead of 3 hours of character development, but there’s a strong chance it’s going to suck you into that dreaded, “just one more try” state of mind.

I’ve yet to try the new DLC that was added this week, but it’s officially on the wish list!

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Monday, August 05th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

With the Quakecon sale kicking off on Friday, I was a bit surprised to see that there was a Quake 4! Sure, I got away from PC gaming for awhile and it had been a REALLY long time since I was heavy into Doom and Quake, but I felt a little funny that I didn’t know this existed! With a cheap price I figured it was a must play for nostalgia’s sake at the very least. I didn’t expect a whole lot out of it, which is good because it turns it’s okay. Not great, but okay.

I run a couple of movie podcasts, so I watch a lot of flicks. The state of the modern shooter in comparison to classic style shooters compares pretty well to the world of movies. Most of the time, you like to watch a movie that’s well put together, highly polished, engaging and engrossing. This translates to your modern shooters in the game world. Games such as Bioshock Infinite or even Deadspace are a different beast than the shooters we all cut our teeth on. They’re deep, they have branching stories, they’re well put together. It’s a production…an experience.

Jumping back to your movie world. you have another class of movie which boils down to your dumb action or horror movies, stuff put out by the likes of Syfy Channel or Asylum. These movies are cheesy with no depth whatsoever. They’re there simply to treat you to explosions and special effects, nothing more than the spectacle. Quake 4 fits in perfectly with this type of movie; there’ s no depth to it whatsoever, it’s there simply for you to run around and shoot aliens. And that’s it.

Much like watching the movies though, sometimes we simply don’t feel like wrapping our head around something deep. We want to munch popcorn and watch stuff explode. Video games are the same way, and Quake 4 is a pretty perfect fit for those moods. It’s a solid through back to the good old days where you’re only concern was checkpoints and finding your way to the rail gun. The story is a nice aside but really doesn’t do anything to suck you into the game. You’re sticking around for the fun of shooting Stroggs and seeing what the weapons do.

There’s some sections in Quake 4 that are annoying. The vehicle sections are slow and clunky which makes them frustrating when you’re trying to dodge. Some of them feel like you’re on a rail shooter without a whole lot to shoot at. The game is way too long for what you’re there for too.

In the end though, things blow up pretty well and it play smoothly while showing it’s age. It’s worth $5 and a Sunday afternoon.

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Sunday, January 30th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

Ah video games, the perfect addition to sedentary afternoon.

A good two years ago, we gamers were blessed with “Dead Space”, a nice little third person shooter for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was full of blood and guts and had a pretty gripping story line that would be right at home with any number of horror flicks.

If you’re a TV watcher, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the ad campaign for the sequel, i.e. “Your’e Mom’s Gonna Hate It”. The commercials promise even more gruesome game play and a full fledged continuation of the story. As of last week, the game was released to the public and we were able to find out if our mom’s would indeed hate the game.

I’m a long way from being done with the game but from what I’ve seen in 3 chapters? It’s pretty damn great!

As for the mechanics of the game, much of it is identical to our run through the Ishimura back in 2008. The controls handle the same. The seat of your pants trek through dark and shadowy corridor game play is the same. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the first game in these departments, so there’s nothing wrong with reusing it once again. Things are so close, you can access your original upgraded Plasma Gun from your “Dead Space” game save!

There are a few new additions to the formula, such as quick time events if you find yourself pinned down by a creature. These are simple so they don’t become to troublesome. The other big improvement comes in the graphics department which is flat out great. The dark steel environments of the game come to life in smooth high res graphics and all of it ties together to make a damn engrossing story. Those high res graphics help make this one hell of a gory game as well!

After three chapters of game play, this is obviously not a full review. It is enough for me to confidently say ‘this game is awesome, go play it now!’. The scenes are all filled with tension and foreboding and makes for some of my favorite ‘horror gaming’ I’ve had on the 360 in awhile. You all know me…I’m a bit jaded with all the horror movies I’ve watched and reviewed over the years. Dead Space 2? This one has made me jump a dozen times so far! Sure, a lot of the jumps are due to the cheapest b-movie ploys known to man. They deploy them in great fashion though!

So consider this a preview as I don’t have any more time to spend talking bout it. I have a few more chapters to tackle before the day winds down!

Quick Edit: Holy crap, I just found this awesome Dead Space 2 Rig Hoodie over at the Visceral Studios Store. Time to figure out how to talk the wife into letting me blow $60 on a sweatshirt!

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Sunday, February 28th, 2010 | Author: Casey Criswell

Idle Sundays can be both a blessing and a curse. In the former, it’s nice to have that break after a crazy week and blow off some steam. In the latter, I enjoy blowing off said steam from time to time wandering the isles of the local second hand stores, pre-owned game stores, and bargain in search of odds and ends. Sometimes you get lucky such as my friend Louis does from time to time and you find a treasure trove of old movies for dirt cheap, other times you find a bit of random curiosity that seems like a good fit at first but eventually causes your brain to hurt. Such is the case with “Onechanbara”.

At first glance, the case of this XBOX 360 game seems pretty clear cut; chicks in bikini’s hacking up zombies with samurai swords! It’s pretty easy to see how I fell into this one. I happen to like zombies quite a bit. I have a long standing love for old samurai films from Kurosawa to Misumi. I even happen to enjoy females in bikini’s! “So why not?” says I to myself, and home I marched with visions of scantily clad zombie slaughter dancing about my brain. These visions would soon prove to be the highlight of my gaming experience with this odd little dingleberry of horror and video games.

To start things off, let me make this clear; by no means is this a full review of the game. I’ve only managed to spend roughly an hour and a half with Ms. Aya and her sister Saki, and Saki got herself kidnapped about half way through. This is more of a first impression because as these things go, this one’s a doozy.

Among the first things to jump out at me about “Onechabara” is that there is a loading screen for damn near every disk read on this game. Sure, they give you the token little 8-bit game to keep you entertained while you’re waiting, but holy cow. Early on in the game, I was concerned that I would be spending more time hacking up zombie sprites instead of the 3D foes that were promised on the box. Once the game finally managed to load, the first head scratching issues began to show themselves; the 3D foes weren’t much better off than their 8-bit counterparts. The graphics in this game are down right bad. Most zombies are all variations on one common theme. All of them shamble about in in slow motion with the same hunched back and outstretched arms. They’re not very bright nor aggressive either. I’ve played through four levels of the game so far and I’ve yet to feel like any of the enemies have really pressed on me much at all until the level bosses show up. They do manage to mix things up a tiny bit with the addition of ‘mud men’ and ‘blood mist zombies’ but those are few and far between. In they case of ‘blood mist zombies’, they’re just down right infuriating. The rest are easy to dispatch though. Apparently because my toon looks great in a french cut and can handle her sword fairly well.

The second and most glaring flaw in this game is that I simply have no idea what in the hell is going on. Japanese titles can be quirky. It’s expected; that’s part of the draw. You generally like to have this quirkiness in characters and story though. For “Onechanbara”, there is no tutorial level. That’s right, no tutorial. You’re simply thrown in with your thong and your cowboy boots and hoping for the best. Now, it doesn’t appear that there is much to figure out in this game as the controls appear to be fairly simple. One button swings, the other kicks. It was when I ran around a corner into a random crowd of undead and my blade became lodged in the chest of the decaying Old Man Smithers stand-in that the issues began. Why the hell did my sword get stuck? This little icon over here is all red, I wonder what that means? It wasn’t until the beginning of level three that I finally discovered that you have to swing the blood from your swords when the gauge is full be holding in the LB button.

This is all well and good in practice, I just wish I was told about it sooner.

There are a lot of other little odds and ends that crop up like this that just simply leave me scratching my head. For instance, after every kill you have to wait for a second or two for a yellow or red orb to appear from the slain body. Once these appear, you run around and pick them all up. I have no idea why, but I’m a completionist when it comes to games and can’t run away leaving something that fell out of a dead body go to waste. I ran into my first ‘blood mist zombie’ early on and frankly thought it was an image glitch at first. After digging around and managing to find a guide for the developer online, I figured out that you need to perform a specific number of ‘Cool Combos’ to eradicating these red blobby bad guys. I’m still digging to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to perform a cool combo, let alone four of them in a row. It’s these clunky matters and a dated graphics engine that makes this game a challenge outside of the game play. Yet, I still find myself continuing on level after level.

The game is simply bizzare and as a curiosity alone, it manages to keep my coming back from more. For more than just the jiggly Japanese swimsuit girls. Really! Sure, the game is blatantly trashy and the story has yet to make a whole lot of sense, but you get a feeling that there could be some good old fashioned Japanese genre storytelling going on here. There is no real narrative built into the game outside of the odd cut scene; the story is literally a break with a wall of text you have to scroll through before moving on. It is still interesting though as they seed you with tidbits about how the sisters Aya and Saki come from a cursed blood line which causes them to hulk out into a ‘rampage’ super power mode as you splatter their lithe bodies with zombie blood. (I’m not joking.) So early on at least, the game has a hook. And boobs.

So, “Onechanbara” is far from a great game…hell, who am I kidding, it’s far from a good game. It’s still quirky enough to work at these early stages but I can see this one will definitely be a challenge reaching the end which is due in no part to its difficulty level.

Note: I am aware that this game is based on a movie of the same name. I’ve yet to catch this flick yet but it is definitely now on my vaguely curious list!

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 | Author: Casey Criswell

Go to Hell.

No really, that’s the driving plot point behind the new EA/Visceral Games title Dante’s Inferno! Based on the original epic poem “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, we traverse the nine circles of hell in search of Dante’s wife Beatrice. Apparent by the inclusion of the phrase ‘Dante’s wife Beatrice’, you can tell there have been many creative liberties taken with the original subject material. But it’s okay. If we wanted to stick straight to the classics, this game would be much drier in tone that what it is.

“Dante’s Inferno” has been anticipated quite a bit by gaming community, myself included. When the demo hit Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, it was met with luke warm excitment. Many people had mixed emotions about the combat and the enemies contained within. The biggest sin that the demo commited, and what continues to be the most vocal slam against the game, is that it is a direct clone of Sony’s God of War series. I’m not a “God of War” purist; I’ve only played the very first game when it came out on the Playstation 2. This means that the comparison isn’t qutie as vivid in my mind. From what I remember though, there are indeed many direct transfers of gameplay mechanics going on here, but it doesn’t have to ruin all of your fun. There are other problems here that can handle that on their own.

The gameplay mechanics at work are pretty simple overall. Mash the X button for a light attack, Mash Y for a heavy attack, B for your magic cross and A…just isn’t used a whole lot. Combine any combinations of these with your right and left triggers and Dante will dance about in gory glory. These simple controls work fine and are easy to pick up. It’s nice to have a low learning curve so no complaints there. The problems arise in the enemies early on in the game.

Throughout the first few levels, the very same levels that you would have seen in the demo, the enemies have a nice awe inspring variation to them and feel just challenging enough to fool you into thinking you’re working for your goal. As you pass beyond this first circle of Hell and onto the portions of the game that were not previewed already; the enemies do not change much. The developers may add on an extra doo-dad to the skin of an enemy you already faced and they will definitely add some extra hitpoints to them as well. This doesn’t really add any extra challenge to the creatures you face, it simply turns them into a damage sponge. Essentially, you just have to mash on the buttons a bit longer. Up through the first five to six circles, we do manage to get one new enemy to face per level which is okay, but more variation would have been great. Outside of these new additions, you’re just hacking away at the same old bad guys, just longer.

Where we do finally get some good variation is in the major level bosses that you face sporadically throughout your descent into hell. These bosses amanage to be pretty awe inspiring; they are gargantuan in size and strike you with the worry of ‘how in the hell am I going to kill this?’ as they should. Most of them manage to be figured out easily enough, providing just enough challenge without feeling too easy or too hard. There’s satisfaction in finishing off a level boss which helps to prod you on further along.

The other major gameply element at work here is puzzle solving. Much like “God of War” before it, you will encounter many of them along the way. The puzzles generally provide a decent challenge that can be solved in a handful of attempts, other may stump you for a bit causing you to sit back and think through your strategy. None of them felt game-breakingly frustrating which was nice. The problem is that the puzzle aspect of the game is the biggest portion of gameplay. I like puzzles as much as everyone else but as the early press releases for this game showed, it was to be filled with many grotesque and fantastical denizens of Hell which you were tasked with laying to waste. There is some of that, but none of it feels like the scale you would expect to face while traipsing through the bad place. Puzzles will come one after another while enemies are sprinkled throughout a level. Nearly everytime you have a combat encouter, you will find yourself locked into the area by magic gates that refuse to open until you’ve defeated everything within. Then, you march on to solve some more puzzles until the next time you are locked into an arena. Not quite the glorious battle against evil I was hoping for.

Despite the game play faults, the one aspect that Visceral Games nailed was in artisitic direction. The landscape throughout the nine circles is gruesome and disturbing, feeling perfectly like you expect Lucifer’s crib to appear. Even the character designs are outlandish at first blush, elliciting many moments of ‘holy crap, I can’t believe they did that’ and the like. Un-babptized babies with blades fused to their hands? They have them. Lust demons with large phallic tentacles escaping from their nether regions? They have that too. Each fits the theme of their own personal circle quite well. The problem is that after five or six circles, they simply stop giving us new ones to ogle. Shocking the first time, a bit boring each consecutive time after.

“Dante’s Inferno” is not a bad game by any means, but it did fall pretty far short of the expectations given early on in the PR campaign. As you can see, the game only came out on the 9th; the game took a mere seven hours to complete on the medium difficulty. Short games have their benefits and “Dante” unlocks a New Game + mode that allows you a second play through with your upgraded stats. For a $60 title that glorifies marching into battle against Satan’s army, I would hope for more than seven hours of game play. Closer to fifteen would have been better at least.

Despite my problems with the game, I still found myself drawn to press on so I could what was next. This worked well in the beginning as your environements change as you progressed but there is a turning point in the middle of the game that those changes come to a halt and things begin to feel more bland. The “God of War” purists are going to hate this game because they are going to see it as an inferior product. For those of you like me who aren’t quite as die hard or never played “Dante’s” spiritual successor; there is still a lot to be enjoyed here. It’s just that the buy-in is pretty steep for amount of enjoyment you get.

Give it a rental so that you don’t feel that sting of $60.

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Monday, February 01st, 2010 | Author: Casey Criswell

Normally I agree fully with the Bob Geldof and his friends but oddly enough, this Monday leaves me feeling fairly well and somewhat productive in the blogging world. With the anxiety that would normally accompany the start of the week being long in the past, this is a rather nice Monday!

Over the weekend, much time was spent watching movies and playing games, so I figured a quick note about what went on would be a good way to start off this week in which I attempt to ressurect from the dead. So without further adieu….


A Threevening With Kevin Smith – I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m a long time Kevin Smith. his sense of humor, dialog and in the “Evening with K.S.” movies, he’s got a knack for story telling. This latest outings is indeed a lot of fun, though I didn’t come close to wetting my pants like I did back during “Evening Harder”.

Hour of the Wolf – I’m was a complete and utter Ingmar Bergman virgin going into this one and I wasn’t fully dissapointed. You’ll be able to hear my full views later this week on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, so I’ll shy away here. To be short and to the point; it’s a good movie and you can see that Bergman is a true master behind the camera. I just have a feeling that I’ll need a second viewing just to pull in the full depth of the movie.

Sherlock Holmes – What can I say, I missed the boat on this one. A combination of busy holidays and only getting see one movie a week on my press pass made it hard to get out there on time. That said, I’m glad I finally got to go and see it. The movie was definitely over the top and rather cheesy but it was a lot of fun. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law play excellently off of each other and really make the film. Normally I’d say I don’t mind Rachel McAdams at all but I felt she was a little outclassed and out of place here. Still, it wasn’t glaring or jarring problems so still enjoyable all the same.


Due to finding a bargain on a wired “Rock Band” drum set, I can now hear the tap tap tapping of my daughter rocking out and beating the hell out of the pads all weekends. I only manned the throne myself a couple of times, but that’s okay; it’s not a pretty site.

Bayonetta – Having recently finished Darksiders, I figured it was time to check out this quirky beat-em-up I’ve heard people talking about so much. At first blush, the game is pretty clever and a lot of fun, though something about it has failed to grab my full attention as of yet. Sure, it’s filled with fan service which normally I’m a sucker for and the controls and action are pretty freaking tight. Hopelly I’ll be spending some more time with Ms. Bayonetta and her hair suit later this week adn we’ll get a better feel if this one’s going to grab me by the short and curly’s or not.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena – Being as I’m back in short attention span mode on the 360, I also snagged a used copy of this one and spun it up. The words on Dark Athena are not too favorable from what I’ve seen, but all of them say that the remake of “Butcher Bay” is top notch. I played through this one back on the original Xbox and quite enjoyed myself. Seeing as I’m a bit of an achievement whore, this seems like a good one to replay.

Comics and Other Stuff…

Well, sorry. I got lazy! I didn’t read much of anything this weekend except for this months issue of Play Magazine. There are new comics lined up for this week however as well as new Brian Keene and Ramsey Campbell review copies to go over as well.


I’m looking to increase my podcast listening, especially towards Video Games and Comics. I’ve done some perusing of my own, but I’m looking for suggestions for some good general shows. Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 | Author: Casey Criswell

As you may have noticed, I’ve been quiet for the last week. There’s a few reasons for that, the primary one being one hell of a cold that laid me low for a good three to four days! However, even though I’m fast approaching the far side of ‘mid-30′s’, I still find myself believing today what I believed when I was a kid; nothing makes a cold better like video games and a juice box! Luckily for me, my onset of the plague happened to coincide with the arrival of “Darksiders” from Vigil Games and helped to pass the time in between those moments that the fever rendered me unconcscious.

It’s the end of days; angels and demons are falling to earth to wage their final war and bring the apocalypse upon mankind! Among them comes War, the Fourth Horseman who is tasked with bringing balance to Heaven and Hell in the end of days! The only problem is; once War arrives, he realizes that the other three horseman have not arrived. When he faces off against Abaddon, leader of Heavens forces, War learns that the Seventh Seal was never broken and Armageddon was never meant to start. Which means, something fishy is going on in the cosmic forces and War is tasked by the Charred Council to find out the answers!

I’ve said this a few times before; I love me some end of the world stories. Taking control of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse is a pretty natural fit! Though the story is farily basic throughout the game, there is enough of a carrot to keep you pressing on to hear the next step in the saga. It won’t blow your mind, but it will entertain and that’s what counts! Mix in level design and backdrops that are excellent in their crumbling humankind decay and it really is a good bit of fun. The story also sets up well for a sequel or two which given what we’ve seen so far, is a pretty exciting accomplishment.

The story and artwork aren’t really the things that are going to trip your trigger here in “Darksiders” however. That nugget comes in the form of some flat out addictive and fun gameplay that will be hauntingly familiar to anyone who might call themselves a gamer. The thing is, “Darksiders” takes its gameplay directly from two stellar sources; you have the excellent dungeon crawling and puzzle solving of Zelda: Ocarina of Time mixed with the gory and meaty combat of God of War! So not only do you get a healthy dose of old school Zelda fun, you get the satisfaction of beating the crap out of giant demons as well. All tied up with a pretty little end of the world bow.

This potent combination manages to entice and hold attention and makes for a great game experience. You will see a reptetition in the monsters you battle with along the way, however they will be suitably scaled in dificulty as you march up through the ranks. As well, there are enough different common monsters models to help keep the combat from growing too terribly stale which is nice. The puzzle play early on is fairly basic as you would expect and grows in difficulty as you make your way through the world. There is never really a moment that the puzzles feel too brain breakingly hard, but they are still satisfying without feeling too basic. The difficulty does ramp up fairly high in the late stages of the game for the puzzles but combat does not scale quite as well which does manage to leave a few of your final battles feeling a bit over simplified. Regardless, with the package that you’ve traversed up until that point, you really don’t mind because you’re having so much fun.

The benefits of “Darksiders” far outweigh its shortcomings. The controls are solid enough when it counts, though there is room for improvement. When fighting giant demonic beasties who swing with their mighty oversized paws, it would be handy to have a quick and responsive dash button at hand to help avoid the carnage. While there is a dodge button available too you, it often feels a bit sluggish which throws off your attacks when trying to stay alive from time to time. Again, not a game breaker, but it does require some getting used to in order to over come the delay and in this game, dodging attacks is a pretty integral battle strategy. Beyond that, the controls for the additional Zelda-esque secondary weapons such as the ‘Cross Blade’ (Boomerang) work well enough.

In the end, I play a ton of XBox 360 games throughout the year. There’s generally at least a rental involved for any given new release just to give you an idea. “Darksiders” however is the first game in a few months that has completely sucked in my attention to an almost obsessive degree. Often times I have the attention span of a gnat, other times I become so narrow focused on whatever game I’m playing my wife starts to wonder if I died back in the man cave or not. This is a time that she almost considered calling in the search party. Well, more realstically, she thought about just locking the door to the man cave, but still. The point is still the same! The game will hit you hard with its ‘just one more’ level design and the fights are fun enough to watch with War’s over the top death animations to make you smile. All in all, this is a great game which I highly recommend you to play.

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