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Sunday, November 27th, 2005 | Author: Gooch

It’s the extra long Turkey Day Weekend break, and what’s that mean? Movies Movies Movies!

Huge update for ya this time!

First off, I’m going to through in an Honorable Mention. Honorable Mention? What the hell you talking about?
I call it this, cause I didn’t catch the whole thing, just the last 10 min or so. But regardless, seeing as it is Best of the Best how can I not post it!

An 80′s karate classic, (Tae Kwon Do, sue me) this is the showcase of Eric Roberts best role ever as the long haired underdog, (fighting with one arm no less) and Chris Penn as the fat cowboy karate master. How can you go wrong?

Next up for my turkey bloated carcass this weekend, was the recent remake of Dark Water staring Jennifer Connelley.

While the japonofiles all scream that the original was so much better, (I’m sure it was) I really can’t see myself going back to watch it. Dark Water itself is a good movie, rather gripping, and engaging, however not all that scary. (Remember: I’m desensitized) Over all, this is a bleak movie, and rather depressing! It’s worth watching through once, but I don’t recommend rewatching with out your bottle of prozac nearby! I give it a Jennifer Connelley FTW, but please! Cheer up!

Next up, we have Surviving Christmas starring Ben Affleck and James Gandolphini.

Ben Affleck is a lonely rich man with an unfullfilling love life, and no family to spend the holidays with, so he hires Tony Sopranos. With a few decent laughs spread throughout, the bottom line is…..I watched this cause my dad turned it on and fell asleep in the recliner. I give it a hearty ‘I ate too much turkey, I ain’t getting up to change it’

To continue on with our Thanksgiving Ben Affleck theme, (that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one) we have Paycheck Hollywood’s latest attempt at bringing P.K. Dick to the the bigscreen.

Despite starring Ben Affleck, Paycheck was an enjoyable sci fi action flick, with deep story, plenty of intrigue, and a good sci fi plot to spin your wheels. Paycheck tends to get confused at time if it wants to be a futuristic thriller or alternate history piece, and seems to lack a whole lot of John Woo greatness that would have been a good fit. Lest I forgot, Paycheck also stars Uma Thurman and Paul Giamatti, who both round out this movie nicely, and turn in their typically stellar performances. Overall, I give it a ‘hell of a lot better than Surviving Christmas, but still no Best of the Best!

Breaking our Bennifer streak, we move on to The Exorcism of Emily Rose Laura Linney.

Based on a true story, Emily Rose became possessed by demons after moving off to college, and unfortunatley died during an excorcism, performed by Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson). The state takes Father Moore to trial for endagered homicide, after they believe he let Emily Rose die. Going into Emily Rose, I didn’t get what I expected. From the commercials that ran before release, I expected a little more on the scary side. What I got instead was a courtroom drama, involving creepy subjects. That aside, it was a well done courtroom drama, that pulled the viewer into the long and dark tale of poor Emily Rose. How much of this movie correlates with the real life events, I don’t know, but after watching the movie, it left me compelled to google the subject a bit and check it out. I give it 5 Hail Mary’s and a ‘go rent it, god be with you’

National Treasure

Starring Nic Cage, you get what you paid for. A whole lot of Nic Cage. An enjoyable take at the Indiana Jones formula for a new age, the movie is pretty full of cheese, puns, etc. Throw in a convuluted story involving US history, conspiracies on that history, I still found my self entertained. This was my 2nd viewing, and I still had to sit through to the end, just cause it was fun. That’s the bottom line for me, it’s a fun movie. Through in Nic Cage (yes, he’s cheesy, but a finely aged cheese), Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, and the dude that played Boromir (Sean Bean) and you’ve got a pretty solid cast.

Rounding out our fine feathered holiday is Down Periscope.

A mid 90′s nonsense comedy starring Kelsey Grammer and an early Lauren Holley, a misfit Navy officer is given a misfit crew and an old dilapidated diesel sub, with a war game assignment to blow up a dummy ship in port. Their competition for this simulation? A modern nuclear sub commanded by William H. Macy. Full of stupid jokes, stupid site gags, and standard vulgar humor, it’s still worth a chuckle or two to sit through. Not the highlight of 90′s comedies, but it’s a good run of the mill 90′s comedy with redheads. I give it a…’s 1:15am, go to sleep!

And with that, I’m out.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 | Author: Gooch

Stargate SG-1 2.02 – In the Line of Duty
Stargate SG-1 2.04 – Gamekeeper

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Monday, November 21st, 2005 | Author: Gooch

Many who know me, know that I’m a bit of Zombie afficianado, and have seen my fair share of Zombie love.

After finishing The Walking Dead in a one day marathon, I quite possibly have a new favorite zombie story.

The Walking Dead tells the tale of Rick Grimes, a small town copy, shot in the line of duty and knocked into a lengthy coma. During Rick’s hospital stay, all hell breaks loose, unknown to the unconcious Rick. After coming to in the hospital, Rick starts a fright filled journey in a quest to find his missing wife and child, across the zombie filled country side.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a zombie tale, that protrays the societal innerworkings of a group of survivors in a zombie appocalypse. The book has it’s fair share of gore and dead guys, but it’s not the focus.

With superb writing from Robert Kirkman and unbelievably cool black and white artwork from Tony Moore.

If you like zombies, check it out.

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Monday, November 21st, 2005 | Author: Gooch

This weekend, I found myself back into the comic book world, with a fat copy of The Walking Dead #1-20 from Image Comics. So, embracing my childhood comic nerd, I’ve decided to add a comic section to the site. Just a note in case you care, I tend to read in batches….10-20 at a time instead of the piecemeal once a month releases. There will be more comics updates, but not as frequent as the movie stuff!

The Gooch.

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Sunday, November 20th, 2005 | Author: Gooch

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Phenominal movie! Although, I will say that I liked Alfonso Curaon’s flavor a bit more from Prisoner of Azkhaban.
I just like Alfonso’s vision of the castle, the grounds, etc. a slight bit better.

That said, this movie is great. Action, romance, etc. etc. The purists will whine about a lot being cut out of the books, but you know what? It’s a big book. Not everything’s going to make it.

Well constructed, well adapted, excellent effects, excellent additions to the cast, great all around!

P.S. Ralph Fiennes as Voldermort is…….perfect!

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Sunday, November 20th, 2005 | Author: Gooch

Legally Blonde 2

Ugh. This is payback for many years of bad scifi and samurai flicks. This was wifey’s choice, and ….ugh.

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005 | Author: Gooch

The Scorpion King

Today folks, is a first Cinema Fromage. It’s also the first for me a in a long time.

Today, I started to watch The Scorpion King starring none other than, the Rock.

I had to abort. Wow. It’s bad. All I can say. I watched for a good 45 min., and to be honest, I have no clue what was going on, what the plot is, who’s dead, who’s alive. I think I entered a Time warp. So, I can’t even tell you why it’s bad. It’s that bad!

Run away folks. Run far far away.

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 | Author: Gooch


A lot of people roll their eyes and stare at me in disbelief when I bring this movie up, but, I gotta admit, I love this movie. With Kevin Bacon at his cheesiest, the movie is full of cornball jokes, hokey action, general hillbilly hilarity. Over all though, there’s a good touch of goo (read: gore) fun mutant monsters, the dad from family ties (and his wife, Reba McEntire) as gun loving, government paranoid conspiracy theorists!

Lets not forget: with phrases like “If they come near me, I’m gonna open up a 5lb kickass”, it’s destined to be a classic.

Starsky and Hutch

It’s a Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson comedy! Surprise! It’s like all the rest! That said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Ben/Owen/Vince combo movies tend to be pretty formulaic, but it’s a solid formula, and you can usually count on some good laughs. Starsky and Hutch doesn’t let you down on that front, however, Zoolander, Dodgball, etc, have outshown Starsky and Hutch by a fair margin.

But who am I to say? I’m a big fan of Ben’s earlier opus ‘Mystery Men’!

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 | Author: Gooch


I get a lot of movies from the Library. With the library being a free resource, it gives you a chance to take risks. You’re not wasting your $5 if this movie you’ve never heard of, only recognize one of the people in, etc. turns out to be crap.

Perusing the library’s stacks, I stumbled upon Foolproof. A quick glimpse at the cover revealed a buffed out Ryan Reynolds. It looked pretty meh overall but the wife likes Ryan Reynolds, so I had to oblige.

Much to my surprise, Foolproof is ….. quite good. A relatively smart little crime caper full of twists, a good cast, and good one liners, I found myself engrossed to the end. This movie is above average, by far, to be honest, I can’t recommend enough!

Dead Man

More on this later….but Dead Man is a modern classic, and if you haven’t seen it, you make Hulk smash!

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 | Author: Gooch

Mean Girls

As a huge fan of Tina Fey (SNL Writer/Weekend Update Anchor/Babe), I was looking foward to Mean Girls early on, and wasn’t dissapointed. This viewing (11/14) was actually about my 3rd time around.

The movie is smart and funny, and delivers a fairly acerbic view of society and cliques.

If you saw the trailers and thought ‘Chick Flick’, rewind, watch again and think ‘Heathers 2005′.

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