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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Slumber Party Massacre

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Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Underworld: Evolution
This will be pending a re-watch before review, as I dozed off at then end. Not to worry, I didn’t doze due to the movie, but lights out, on the couch do not bode well for movie watching for the Gooch!

Date Movie

Crap. That’s really all I can say. Funniest part was the cat on the toilet. I really can’t express how much I hated this movie.

0 crapping cats out of 5.

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Friday, May 26th, 2006 | Author: Gooch


There’s a bandit loose in the forest, and he’s snatching up all the treats. Who’s behind our tasty treat thievery?

Yet another movie with a trailer that leaves the viewer feeling somewhat reluctant and curious. In comparison to the standard set by Pixar in CG animated films as of late, Hoodwinked appears lacking. If they’re not up to par on the animation, then they can’t be quite up to par on the script either, right? Right? Happily, I’m wrong.

Settling in to watch the young ones, I found myself often times laughing out even more than the young folk in attendance. Many a subtle homage to films all over Hollywood, I found much of the joy contained in Hoodwinked being the anticipation of what movie was going to be spoofed next. When a children’s movie spoofs Fletch, all the way down to the Lakers jersey and the theme music, I’m a happy pappy.

Aside from all the spoofs, there’s a solid story to be told as well. With a tip of the hat to the conglomerate mega stores slowly taking over the world, Hoodwinked is packed with many a laugh, and even to some extent, down right hilarity.

The only down point I found in the film as a whole, was their attempt at coming up with a musical single, to help boost soundtrack sales. Score wise, the movie is fine, but there are one or two numbers in the film. The main song that I hear on the airwaves that they push for a single, the red riding hood track sung by Anne Hathaway is… not so good. If they would get behind the song ‘Be Prepared’ (Sorry, can’t think of the name) sung by Jaspeth the Goat/Benjy Gaither, they’d have a sure fire winner on their hands.

An excellent movie for the kids and for mom and dad as well, you can’t go wrong with a rental for a fun family Friday.

4 Fletch Disguises out of 5

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Another day, another Lunchtime.

Left to my own devices with the usual group of walkers I’ve been attending with at lunchtime, I decided to see just how much damage the Fatman can do in an hour’s time. So, heading out on this mild sunny afternoon, I was determined to cover some territory. As you can see by the link above, I managed to do pretty well.

3.11 miles in exactly 51 minutes is a new record for me I do believe. With a nice day, other people to nod to and say hi occaisionally, the passing miles don’t seem to take quite so long. With plenty of changing scenery and fresh air, I find myself a bit refreshed as a matter of fact.

One small niggle was made apparant today on my soiltary trek, and this is a problem with the users of the trail, and not the trail management itself. Clean up after your pets, please. Nothing spoils a nice afternoon walk like the steaming pile left behind by your golden retiever. There are pet bag stations with trashcans at nearly every cross walk, so use them. That’s what your tax dollars have paid for.

So, hopefully we’re seeing a new trend, that keeps the Fatman motivated, and out and about. So far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

One last thing, to the asshat on the bike at the Carmel Bicycle and Fitness parking lot: Yes, the young lady looks quite fetching in sweatpants, but please. Try and keep an eye on where you’re going. Just how cool would she think you looked with the front tire of you expensive mountain bike wedge firmly in the asscrack of a fatman while you were sliding across the asphalt ahead of him?

5/23/2006 – 3.11 Miles

“Don’t know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who’ll stay
And won’t play games behind me
I’ll be what I am
A solitary man”

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 | Author: Gooch

“I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like”

In a further effort to break the weightloss duldrums, I decided once again this morning to change up the routine, and try something different. So, I went for a Bike Ride. A nearly 5 mile bike ride as you can see.

Allowing one to cover more ground, offering up a change of scenery, a bike ride is a nice change of pace (no pun intended) and will allow the Fatman to range out more, in the limited time of the early morning before work.

Being years since last I rode a bike, I received a far better workout than I expected. New muscles aching, where I didn’t know there was muscles before, I find myself hurting in new ways than after the customary 3 mile walks. But it’s a good hurt, so I’m not too worried.

So as the morning’s come and go, hope fully the miles will have come and gone, as I find myself with a new way to burn the buns off so to speak. Considering I’m still riding the very same bike that served me as a car my freshman year of high school (that was 1989 folks), maybe it’s time to invest in a new bike.

5/23/06 – 4.5 Mile Bike Ride

“Fat bottomed girls, they’ll be riding today So look out for those beauties oh yeah”

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Warm weather at last, yet myself and my great rotundness finds it ever harder to drag my butt out of bed.

What’s a Fatman to do?

Bored with the daily humiliation of working out at the gym with may a muscle bound body builder snickering at the fatman on the treadmill, I’ve opted for a change of scenery.

Working in Carmel, IN, a town not exactly overflowing with their love of sidewalks, it can sometimes be hard to find a mid day workout routine, without the the $30 fee of the gym subscription. However, there is one thing they’ve managed to get right. The Monon Greenway

A total of 16 Miles of paved trail, cutting through the center of Indianapolis, up through the suburb of Carmel. Following the old Monon railway, the trail is wide and scenic, and overall, pleasant to traverse. With two good friends to join me on my lunchtime hikes, we are managing to cover a solid 3 miles during our afternoon lunch break every day, and its a nice addition to the daily routine, and an excellent break to the daily grind.

While the Monon Greenway is a great addtion to our Central Indiana surroundings, there are some aspects that make you stop and scratch your head, and chuckle. The biggest stand out: Speed Limit Signs. Keep in mind, motorized vehicles are prohibited form the Greenway. Bike’s, rollerblades, etc. are fair game. So, in a sense, you best not do more that 15mph on your bike. Even funnier yet, the local papers have stated recently that soon there will be officers patrolling the greenway to enforce the 15mph speed limit. On your bike.

Carmel is often known for over doing things, and a penchant for soccer moms. Hopefully the enforced 15 mph speed limit on this relaxing trail through town will be the extent of their rules and regulations upon said trail, otherwise, the fun is not going to last.

Regardless, as it stand, its a great resource for Central Indiana. If you’re in the area, make sure to give it a try. Tell them the Fatman sent you.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t. Chances are they’re just going to see a stranger wandering about rambling about a Fatman. No need for you to get picked up for vagrancy on my behalf.

5/22/06 – 2 miles

I’m trying to stay motivated here folks, I really am.

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

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Friday, May 19th, 2006 | Author: Gooch

The Ghost Breakers

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Friday, May 19th, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Lone Wolf and Cub: Babycart at the River Styx

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Any of you that may have been following along with my endless thoughts on movies will know, I love horror movies. I like them a lot. But, there is one genre out there, that I love even more than horror.

The Samurai flick.

My wife think’s i’m insane, and many of my friends don’t always quite get the love I show for them, but truly, I enjoy a good Samurai flick more than most other cinematic flair. The solitary warrior, facing unsurmountable odds, usually righting an ancient wrong, or aboloshing any evil he happens upon in his wandering journeys. There’s a lot to be said, and film buffs will take note, that most of the American Westerns that came out through the fifties, sixties and seventies, have either been remakes of one samurai epic or another, or heavily influenced by said flicks. (Seven Samurai – The Magnificent Seven anybody?)

So, this all brings us full circle.

Lone Wolf and Cub: The Sword of Vengence

Ogami Itto is the sanctioned executioner for the Shogunate. A loyal and law abiding man, Ogami is framed for disloyalty to his Shogunate, but the Yagyu-Shadow clan. Vowing to bring Ogami’s line to an end, the Yagyu attack in the middle of the night, slaying Ogami’s beloved wife. As the Shogunate arrives to carry out the edict of charge against Ogami, he collects his son, and vows to swear off his humanity and live as a demon, stalking the earth as an assassin, not resting until the Yagyu clan is paid the revenge they deserve. Blood flows, swords clash, and the Gooch is a happy man.

A seventies Japanese film steeped in style, swordplay and action, Lone Wolf and Cub is a staple of Samurai epics. Spanning six films, Lone Wolf and Cub (known as the Babycart series in it’s whole) the films are always among the first mentioned when someone asks for a samurai reccomendation. Second only to the Kurosawa epics, LW&C stand in a style all their own.

Cartoon like blood, spurting and over red, fast action and swordplay. Usually, I’m pretty happy with that on it’s own. Throw in a developed plot telling of the intrigue of rival clans throughout feudal Japan, and you have a complete film experience, that could make any otaku smile.

I’m biased, I love this film, so take this with a grain of salt I suppose.

5 Bloody Babycarts out of 5

A special note:

Lone Wolf and Cub was released in the States in 1980 as Shogun Assassin. However, the US version of the film was actually the first two Babycart films, edited together. (Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengence and Babycart at the River Styx.) This edited together version of Lone Wolf and Cub, was also a major influence for Quentin Tarrantino’s Kill Bill 1 and 2.

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