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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell

Pull up a chair boils & ghouls, and Uncle Casey’s going to tell you a little story.

Many a time, before I started this here blog, I’ve been asked by friends and acquaintances, “How can you watch this crap?” Many, if not all shared such a fond love for all things cheesy and horror as did I and my wife. Often times I tried to explain my love of B-Z grade film, but it seemed it I always seemed to miss the point.

So, one day I said the hell with it, and that’s when Cinema Fromage came to be. Having the idea many moons ago for a website dedicated to crappy horror flicks, Cinema Fromage was the name in mind I always had, as it seemed to to drive the point home. Directly translated (in my mind at least) Cinema Fromage stands for ‘Movie Cheese’, and well, that’s what I’m all about.

Now where exactly did this love stem from? Myself, I would call it peer pressure. Growing up, my own father was enamored with all things gory and cheesy, which resulted in myself at a tender young age consuming many a gooey monster flick, and sometimes worse. In our home town we had a mom and pop appliances shop that just happened to have a video store as well. Seeing as VCR’s were new technology back then, my dad saved and saved to purchase his first VCR. The beauty to buying a VCR at said Mom and Pop shop, was that as an added incentive, they would give you unlimited rentals for free, for a full two months. What a bargain! So after dad’s purchase, when I was head to his place to stay for the weekend, off we would go to rent some flicks.

So naturally, when you had a single man in his late 30′s, with 12 year old in tow, with a plethora of cinematic trash at your disposal, one can become quite overwhelmed on just what to watch on any given weekend. Never one to over look such an offer as ‘unlimited’, Dad and I would stroll out of Mom and Pop’s with a stack of 10 to 12 tapes in hand. Normally, one would think that with a 12 year old at hand, you’d need to have some kid flicks in that stack. But not my dad, oh no. He being a master of sweet talk and coercion, I soon would be convinced that I wanted to see films such as Q The Winged Serpent or Basket Case, not something lame like The Bad News Bears. Even at 12, I knew ‘monsters rule!’

So after weekends spent rotting my brain on the horror masterpieces of yesteryear, I began to grow older, yet my tastes stayed relatively the same. One day, in junior high I met a friend named Chris. Chris and I hit it off fairly quickly, and it was soon discovered they we liked much of the same things. Horror flicks, Fango magazine, D&D and those ever coveted magazines pilfered from his dad’s closet. (If you could say one thing about my dad, he knew how to hide his stash.) As we grew into high school and beyond, we had both grown apart, and eventually back together again. Back to that in a minute.

In the years of Chris and I grown apart, I had traveled on to college, and it was there that I met my lovely wife. Yes, the very same lovely bride as showcased here.

When first we met, way back when in a little German restaurant in Terre Haute, we spent the evening doing what typically happens when boy and girl first meet, and no, I don’t mean the kissy kissy. (I was a shy boy!) However, we did talk late into the evening with the usual ‘What kind of movies do you like?’ ‘What kind of stuff are you into?’ type of conversation. When the movie talk came around, in the mighty words of Herman’s Hermit’s, ‘Something tells me I’m into something good’.

As the night wore on, I soon discovered this lovely looking lass, (looking alluringly ‘alternative’ that night I must say) held an unnatural crush on Robert England, thought A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were highlights of Hollywood, and that I really needed to be watching The X-Files. Soon after that fateful night, I asked her on our first date to see Needful Things, and the rest as they say, is history.

Over the past 14 years, my wife has helped to derange my sense of taste even more, as she helps to ferret out such oddball nuggets of horror that we MUST see. Without her, I may have lost interest myself at some point long ago. It’s also her fault that you all are here reading this stuff today, as she was the only one that would listen to my long winded diatribes on why Wrong Turn was a smelly turd, or why Buddy was the end all be all for cinematic action stars. Thanks to her, I was encouraged to put these long winded ramblings online. (Although it was probably to keep me from rambling on endlessly to her!)


So here lies Chapter 1 in the history of Cinema Fromage. There are many factors that come in to play on what shapes a man, such as myself to come to love such celluloid trash. Some would say I have bad taste, some what say I have great taste, my wife, she says I’m just weird. But hey, that’s what makes me loveable!

Maybe one of these days, in the near future, I will continue with the history of Cinema Fromage. There are quite a few tales left to tell, such as hung-over Cheesy Movie Sundays, the Video Place in Plymouth, IN and more tales on the story of Chris and Casey that help to shape what you see here today.

If the story by some whim has caught your attention thus far, feel free to comment and let us know! With enough encouragement, I may be compelled to continue on with this tale of debauchery!

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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell

Hey, it’s that time for a quick brain dump, for a couple flicks sitting on the back burner that don’t quite fit the mold.

First up…

A Prairie Home Companion

Seeing as I’ve never heard the original, yet was aware, I had a vague idea going into this one what I was in store for. The fact that it had a cast consisting of folks such as Lindsay Lohan, Meryl Streep, Lilly Tomlin and others of that ilk, it would stand to reason that this wouldn’t be my ordinary cup of tea. (They’re great actors, sure, just not usually in flicks of my taste.) So, as I settled in to the quirky humor of Garrison Keillor, the down home sensibility of the music, the flowing humor of the huge ensemble cast, etc. I was pleastantly surprised, and pleased at home much I enjoyed this little flick. I’ll even go as far to say that one scene in the middle of the film even moved me, and choked me up a little bit. That normally only happens when they neglect to add boobs to an 80′s slasher!

Give this one a watch, you’ll enjoy. Hell, even your mom will enjoy!

Nacho Libre

Ah, Jack Black. I hold much man love for the man named Black. From the early days of Tenacious D, I’ve been a devotee. When the trailers started hitting for Nacho Libre, showing Black as a Luchadore, it had to be good right? Unfortunately, wrong.

First off, this is a kids flick. Don’t forget that. I did, so my expecatations were off. No signature J.B. toilet humor, etc. What we did get was J.B. phoning in his typical over the top hammyness. Normally, I eat that up, but for this one, it just came across as forced and out fo place.

At the heart of Nacho, it is apparant that this movie is aimed at young boys, with the rough housing and fart jokes. It’s not all bad, there are some moments that even I chuckled out loud at, but as a whole, it was rather boring, and fell fall short of it’s predecessor, Napoleon Dynamite.

Jack Black die hards, give it a go. Just don’t expect too much.

Now here’s to having high hopes for Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

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Monday, October 30th, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell

Hey, I know this will show as being 30 minutes early, but ya know what? I gotta go to bed :(

Still, by my body’s clock (Damn Indiana for adopting the time change!) it’s already Halloween! So, from me to you, have a happy Halloween!

Be safe, have fun, and here’s many wishes for drippy gooey things crawling out of your closet tonight!

So from my family to yours,


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Monday, October 30th, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell

Join us to day as the folks over at Film Experience kick off their halloween Blog A Thon!

This time it’s all about vampires, and as you can see, today’s review for ‘Dracula AD 1972′ is our Blog A Thon entry!

So be sure to check out Film Experience today, as there will be a bevy of blood sucking links to read throughout the day!

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Monday, October 30th, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell

“Do I make ya randy baby? Do I make ya horny? Rowr…”

Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula A.D. 1972

Ever wonder what it would be like if somebody took the good old fashioned gothic Transylvanian Dracula, and dropped him into 1972 London? Me either, but Hammer Studios went ahead and spelled it out for us!

In 1872 London, Dracula (Christopher Lee of course) dies at the hands of Van Helsing (Peter Cushing of course) by way of wagon wheel. As Van Helsing himself passes from his wounds, Drac’s faitful follower, Johnny Alucard (Christopher Neame) rushes to the scene to steal away the Count’s signet ring. Jump ahead 100 years to 1972 London, and Johnny Alucard, the original Alucard’s great great grandson is still hanging around. Now days, Johnny’s running around with his own band of merry men, a troupe of lively hippies in the constant pursuit of parties and happiness. Little do they know that Johnny’s true intentions are to resurrect the dark lord Dracula in modern London. Chicks get bitten, Van Helsing’s descendant sticks his nose in, and we’re back to the standard formula.

In the past, I’ve always touted Hammer Studios and their mastery of atmosphere. This time however, Hammer Studios missed the mark a bit, and now we’re treated to something that’s a little hokey, a little goofy, and a little too out there to hold interest. Have you ever wondered what Dracula would be like in the hip happening 70′s? Ya me either.

Once we wade past the garish colors of Hammer’s updated settings, the core of Dracula AD 1972 is standard Hammer Horror. Plotwise we hold up to the standard set by Lee and Cushing, and seldom do we stray from this, despite it being the 70′s. Cushing as Van Helsing turns in his usual top notch job. Lee as well, when he’s on the screen is turning in a top notch performance, in the role he had protrayed so many times before. The glaring problem is our setting once again.

I realize that I keep returning to this point, but it’s a hard one to pass up. While I can appreciate Hammer’s attempt to move the classic story to a new setting to make it fresh, I can’t help but feel that it failed. Instead of being sucked into the gothic drama that Hammer had perfected before this attempt, I found my self chuckling openly at the zany hippies and their urge to party hearty. Despite all this, this flick is still worth watching, especially for the die hard Cushing/Lee fans. Just don’t plan on falling in love with it like you might have with other Hammer classics.

3 zany hippies out of 5

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Friday, October 27th, 2006 | Author: Casey Criswell


The folks over at the Horror Channel have been a web presence for quite awhile. Lately they have been making strides towards launching some new material by way of their Horror Channel theatre and their new original series ‘Shadow Falls’ and ‘Heartland Horrors’.

Yesterday, The Horror Channel launched a new bit of web 2.0 with the addition of the Slash [beta]. Wassat? Well, you’ve heard of digg right? Well, Slash [beta] is exactly that. Except this time, instead of buckets and buckets of nerd news, Slash brings you buckets and buckets of blood & goo as it’s tailored especially for the horror junkie. (I’m looking at you folks)

Give it a Slash [beta] look, it’s pretty addictive. It’s still in beta, and from what I can tell just launched yesterday but the news seems to be pouring in.

Cinema Fromage is there, why aren’t you?

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Allrighty. I’ve been off track due to a real world test I had to take this week, but now that’s behind us and let’s try to get back to a regular pace.

Seeing as it’s Halloween time, it’s fun to post something special. Since I posted last week bitching and moaning about Stuff Magazine’s sorry excuse for a Scream Queen list, I figured it’s only fair and expected that I share my own ideas of what passes as a scream queen.

So below you’ll find me list, and a brief explanation as to what qualifies this bevy of beatuies for the illustrious title. My criteria may be somewhat different than yours, but I think most will agree to some extent. For me, many times a Queen qualifies on the sheer prolificness of their body…..of genre work. Some are there for iconic looks in a flick. Some are there for sheer talent. And some are there for boobs. (Hey, I’m not gonna lie to you)

So read on folks for the First Annual Cinema Fromage Scream Queen List. These lovely ladies are not ranked in any particular order aside from alphabetical. There’s so many, how can I pick just one favorite? (If you’ve been reading the site, you already know I’m biased towards Ingrid Pitt. Va va voom!)

And hey, let’s throw some interaction in there. Do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss somebody? Let me know! (It sure would be cool if we had some forums you could log onto to discuss topics such as these!)

Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau, aside from being fairly easy on the eyes, has a storied history that has flirted back and forth across the genrea lines. Sure she had some stints with The Love Boat and Maude, but she’s had some stand out roles in horror land. With leads in classics such as The Fog and Swamp Thing, not to mention the sheer number of bit parts and cameos you see her show up in. Factor in that she’s still working in the genre now days with recent major role in HBO’s Carnivale and cameo’s in recent underated laugh fests such as The Convent and Ms. Barbeau has truly become a horror icon.

Angela Bettis

Angela Bettis may not fill the typically curvy shoes of Scream Queen’s past, but her work will get you past that factor in a hurry. With her role as the titular May in Lucky McKee’s May, Bettis comes from a smaller unkown roles, and more or less smacks you square in the jaw. The sheer creepiness of her portrayal of May is wonderful, and makes one situp and take notice. As the years rolled by and you start to see her in more and more genre leads such as in Masters of Horro: Sick Girl, Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders, and even jumping into the directors chair for a role reversal directing Lucky McKee in the upcoming Roman, Angela Bettis is quickly approaching the prolific pace of say…Ms. Barbeau, and will be a stand out in the years to come. With some of the crap labled horror coming out of hollywood these days, I’d rank Angela Bettis as by far one of the best in terms of sheer creepiness.

Jamie Lee Curtis

What’s not to say about Jamie Lee? While not as prolific in horror as the first two we’ve discussed, Jamie Lee was the lead in one of the biggest horror franchises in American cinema. With out Jamie Lee, Halloween just isn’t quite the same. With such an iconic role, in such an iconic flick, Jamie Lee was a stand out in horror chicks that actually fight back. Not one to lay down and run blindly up the stairs until there was nothing left for her but to lay down and die, Laurie Strode fought back, and stayed relatively smart about it. (and totally unconnected to horror, she’s married to freakin’ Nigel Tufnel!)


Elvira’s a no brainer. When one mentions ‘creature feature host’, I almost guarantee if they’re male, their first thought is of Elvira’s cleavage. Boobs, bad jokes, iconic style makes Elvira a Scream Queen Deluxe. Let’s not forget either that in her mid 50′s, she’s still at it, and she’s still got it. Throw in a few movies that are so chock full of cornball humor and bursting bustlines of her own, and she’s a ‘well rounded’ fit for the Scream Queen title.

Deborah Foreman

Deborah Foreman may be light on the horror portfolio, but at least one of her roles is a stand out. With a minor role in 1988′s Waxwork she was a viable screamer, but in the lead role of the 1986 classic April Fool’s Day, she was down right fantastic. (Technically, you can count 3 horror roles for her!) Always cute and a bit ‘girl next door’, one could always recognize Ms. Foreman when she showed up on the silver screen. Being a bit of an 80′s cinema mainstay in general with roles in Real Genius and her biggest role, Julie in Valley Girl, she was a bonafied babe with some credentials in the field.

Sherri Moon Zombie

Ah, Sherri Moon Zombie. She’s been in a total of three horror flicks. Her appearance in Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders was rather unimpressive, but she was up against a master in the lead role with Angela Bettis. Still, she was excellent eye candy. Her true stand out role though, was in her hubby’s first two stabs at film making, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. Her manic insanity as the Firefly family’s youngest member Baby, is one of sheer WTF!?! and ‘That chick’s nuts!’ All the while, she manages to be cute to boot. Being married to up and coming horror director Rob Zombie, I can almost guratee that she’ll be showing up in all of his flick’s to come. At least we can hope. And hey, that’s not all bad, because Rob sure liked showing off her backside in DR’s, and well, we could all use some more Sheri Moon-moon’s.

Misty Mundae

There’s a strong chance that many of you have never heard of Misty Mundae. This isn’t so surprising, as up until now she’s stuck mostly to Skinemax levels of pure cinematic trash. But holy crap is she prolific. Taking a look at her imdb page, by the tender young age of 27, she has made 58 films. Every single one them are trashy sendups of something bigger. Take a look at such classics as Spiderbabe, Mummy Raider and my first taste, The Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String. While none of her flicks I would consider ‘good’, they’re all chock full of laughs, and Skinematic takes on just about anything you can think of. The girl’s not shy, and you can tell she’s having fun producing the crap she does, and for that, she makes the list.

Ingrid Pitt

Oh boy. I need a moment.

Ingrid Pitt may not be as well know on American shores, but she is a stand out of the Hammer Horror Studios. For myself, Ms. Pitt defines ‘womanly’ with her curves alone. Throw in vampire fangs and the polish accent, and well, there you go.

After watching The House that Dripped Blood the Mrs. and I are both in agreement that every house should come with Ingrid Pitt in a coffin installed in the basement.

Linnea Quigley

Linnea Quigley is another woman that defines the term ‘prolific’. With 92 credits on her imdb page, Ms. Quigley has been around the acting block, and nearly every one of them has been cheesy and horrific. Combined with the fact that Quigley is not shy in the least bit, you can pretty gurantee that if you see ‘Linnea Quigley’ in the opening credits, you’re going to get an eyeful! From a nekkid zombie named Trash in The Return of the Living Dead
, to a Hollywood Chainsaw Hooker, you’ll be hard pressed to find an actress that has given so much to the 80′s horror genre. For a pure WTF!?!? moment, take a look at Night of the Demons and watch for where she keeps her lipstick. It’ll warp your gourd, but excite you at the same time.

P.J. Soles

Last but not least, we have 80′s cutie pie P.J. Soles. Once again PJ isn’t as prolific as others in the CF Scream Queen list, but she’s a fairly big player none the less. Being the first to show the goods in the Carpenter classic Halloween (she was referenced in the rules in Scream dontcha know) and as a sidekick in Stephen King’s Carrie, PJ’s had some roles out there in horrorland. She’s also hollowed out a bit of a niche in the ‘cult’ area as Riff Randall in the 1979 Ramone’s joint, Rock and Roll High School.

Even though she may be best known for receiving the Aunt Jemima treatment in the comedy classic Stripes, PJ has us hooked. You may not remember the name, but I bet you remember the face.

While I did say that PJ Soles was the last but not least, I felt the need to hand out an honorable mention for this year’s list. Nothing says ‘Scream Queen’ more than a guy in Cashmere & Wool skirts with a penchant for horrible horror!

Ed Wood Jr.

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006 | Author: Gooch

It’s halloween time, and that means halloween and horror lists in the newstand mags. So, seeing as I like cheesy horror flicks from the good-ole days, and the busty ladies contained within them, when I stumbled across Stuff Magazine’s November issue, (well, not so much stumbled across, but grabbed from my mailbox) I took notice when I saw their ‘Scream Queen’ list.

Considering myself a bit of a Scream Queen afficianado, I of course had to critique their list. Aiming mostly for the ‘current’ crop of Scream Queens, the list is some what limited. On most I can see where they are coming from, some my first reaction was ‘Who?’ and one in particular frankly pissed me off. So, let’s see what we got here.

Rachel Nichols

Pretty enough to be a Scream Queen? Sure. She’s got the bits and pieces, could pass as ‘sleazy murder victim making out in woods #2′ in any Friday the 13th flick. But, would anybody have any clue as to who she is, had I not linked to her IMDb page? I sure didn’t! With a small role in the 2005 Amityville Horror remake, and a small role in Lucky McKee’s The Woods, (which is almost 0 marketing, just out on video) she’s had two bit roles in one big name production, and one unknown production. Scream Queen? Maybe someday, but let’s get some more meat under that horror genre before we go that far.

Jessica Alba

Babe? Duh. Scream Queen? She’s had a lead a mediocre (still amusing) teen horror laugh up in Idle Hands, and a lead in the upcoming Japanese remake The Eye, along with some fantasy/dark fantasy leads mixed in as well. Perhaps a bit premature for the full title of Scream Queen, but she’s on her way. People aren’t going to remember her for Idle Hands, but The Eye, Fantastic Four, and Dark Angel, they will. Let’s see what slasher-fare she adds in the future.

Asia Argento

Starting her climb to Screamdom as far back as 86′s Demons 2,
Asia Argento has been around the horror block a few times. Not to mention, she’s bonafide considering she’s the daughter of gorefest director great Dario Argento. She may not be my cup of tea, but she’s the most qualified of the bunch.

Rose McGowan

Rose has a few horror flicks under her belt, some more in the pipe and frankly, she’s freakin’ hot! So, she’ll pass muster. Hell, she dated Marylin Manson, how more freakish you want?

Jessic Biel

Chainsaw remake, Blade Trinity, she has a couple horror flicks under her belt, yet hasn’t quite reached the Scream Queen pedestal. Chainsaw showed us that she has the pipes, so therer’s potential yet. We’ll stick with Scream Princess.

Naomi Watts

Free Image Hosting at

With two turns at the Japanese Remake The Ring and Ring 2, and taking a stab at original scream queen Fay Wray, Naomi’s reached close enough to bonafide to pass. She does feel a bit like high society slumming it a bit when she hits the horror circuit, but she’ll pass.

Cerina Vincent

Um….Who? You’d think a scream queen would at least be identifiable.

Nicki Aycox

Again, who? We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here folks. Yes, Jeepers Creepers II would count as a horror flick, but she’s not much more than a glorified extra.

Jordan Ladd

Jordan Ladd will qualify for the newest era of Scream Queen, with her gooey roll in Cabin Fever, an troubled young lady in Madhouse, a turn in Broken Lizard’s cheese fest Club Dread, and an upcoming roll in Tarantino’s Grindhouse. Her credentials check out, she makes the cut.

Now to the infurating part. Not one to normally follow the lives of random celbrities, this last one takes the cake, because frankly, you just can’t ignore it, because she’s freaking everywhere. According to Stuff Mag, one shitty acting job, in a shitty remake make’s one a Scream Queen, so they’ve finished off their Scream Queen list with none other than….

Paris Hilton

*take a deep breath, count to 10*


So now days starring in a sub par remake of House of Wax, makes one a Scream Queen. They even bypassed the star of the film, Elisha Cuthbert who is not only better looking, but she’s a real actress. I mean come on, Cuthbert even starred in Are You Afraid of the Dark, the kids ghost story show from years back. Paris Hilton? The only other horror related flick that I can recall her from is when we had to see her nasty no-no parts in lime green night vision.

Adding Paris Hilton to the Scream Queen list sullies the name of Scream Queen in itself. Where once the requirements were looks, a portfolio of cheese fests and penchant for boobery, now days it simply requires being a whore. I would almost gurantee that places like Stuff Mag get paid a heavy stipend for slapping her mug on any list pertaining movies, which is why I haven’t included her pic in this post. They want me to post it? Her PR machine can me as well.

If Paris Hilton is the future of horror folks, then Horror is dead.

So, my rant’s done. I’m fully aware that magazines make such lists as these to do nothing but spur discussion of themselves, and I’ve fallen to that ploy. But when you’re going to slap those fans that make the Scream Queen’s what they are, I’m here to defend us.

Stay tuned later this week, and I’ll show you what a Scream Queen truly is. Until then, enjoy the non skanks.

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006 | Author: Gooch

Any of ‘friends’ from back in high school days make any comments, I’ll pout.



A group of city kids head to the backcountry for some beer and motorbikes. While showing off at the Harley Grocery, they accidentally run over Ed Harley’s (Lance Henriksen) little boy. As the bad boy of the group runs away, the others make an attempt to locate help. Leaving Steve behind with the boy, he’s the one left to inform Ed of the accident. Later, in a fit of rage as the boy passes away from his injuries, Ed decides to locate a local swamp witch to conjure forth the nasty Pumpkinhead, the backwoods revenge demon. Did all these kids deserve revenge? That’s the problem Ed struggles with as Pumpkinhead begins his path of slaughter.

Making his directorial debut, makeup master Stan Winston gives us an 80′s fright fest that’s a step away from normal 80′s fare. Where most slashers from the 80′s rely on boobs, jumps and slim atmosphere, Stan gives us a slasher that relys on story over special effects. Centered in the backwoods of some long forgotten area of the country, Pumpkinhead starts as a slow burner taking ample time to give us a bit of a background before people start to bite it. For some this may be a turn off, making it hard to get to the gooey parts of the flick.

Once we arrive at the good part, we enter familiar territory. Goo, gore and good old fashioned monster mangling make the first thirty minuts of Pumpkinhead worth sitting through. Sometimes comical, sometimes a bit scare worthy, Pumpkinhead himself fails to treat us to anything new and innovative in the kill department, but he does provide some good cringes as the city kids drop off one by one. Combined with B movie badass Lance Henriksen turning in a solid performance as backwoods dad, and Pumpkinhead makes for a good Fridaynight watch.

Nothing new, nothing craptastic, Pumpkinhead lands squarely in the middle of the road for 80′s cheese fests, but it’s worth a late night cable watch when you’re coming down from the Friday Coffee IV injections.

3 Backwoods Lance’s out of 5

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006 | Author: Gooch

“The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. ”


February 20, 2005 marked the end of an era. Placing a bullet firmly into his own head, the late great Hunter S. Thompson ceased to breathe. A man of his own means, and the father of Gonzo journalism, HST was a man for many years that I considered an idol… more for his writing, life view and outlook, rather than his capacity for drugs. Many of his political writings veered off to in the realms of mindless ranting, but he never failed to bring an raw and pulsing truth to the surface. It was all a matter if you were man enough to wade through the mind of a madman to get to said truth.

In 1998, Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp brought the story of Raoul Duke to the big screen with the trippy and sensational Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This was not the first Hollywood incarnation of the man however.


Where the Buffalo Roam

Where Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas focused solely on the tale from the book, Where The Buffalo Roam gives us HST in a conglomeration of tales from the Duke, a large part semi-biographical.

Starring Bill Murray as the infamous HST and Peter Boyle as Dr. Gonzo, the frenetic life and craziness of the dynamic duo are brought to life. Where Johnny Depp played Thompson to near perfect imitation, Bill Murray gives us the patented insanity and bad fashion sense, yet it still feels like Bill Murray. With small flashes brilliance throughout, Murray hits a mark, and you would swear you were staring at the original Duke, but outside those flashes, it feels like Carl Spackler all over again. With Peter Boyle, we see a side of him most will be unfamiliar with after years of Everybody Loves Raymond. Drug induced rage and mayhem abound, yet once again, a completely different interpretation from Fear and Loathing. Still, it was quite fun to see Peter Boyle outside of his usual mold of grumpy old man, or singing ‘PUTTIN ON THE RIIIIIITZ!’.

For those tuning in to Where the Buffalo Roam without knowing the subject matter, they may feel a little lost. If they have never been treated to the HST experience, they may wonder why somebody made a movie about a crazy reporter and his sidekick. For those of us that are in the know however, Where the Buffalo Roam is a fun trip, if not a little date. Fear and Loathing it’s not, but thats okay. Where The Buffalo Roam shot for semi-truth, where Fear and Loathing shot for true to life.

HST fans must see, but if you’re not a fan, give it a rent.

3.5 Gonzo journalists out of 5

“We can’t stop now, this is bat country.”

RIP Good Dr.

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