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Friday, October 31st, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell


It’s been a long 31 days, but we’ve powered through. Here we are at the end of the road. It’s been a long and bumpy one but we’ve covered a wide array of the horror genre and learned a little along the way. There were new movies, there were old favorites. In the end, it was still fun and hopefully enjoyable!

Read on for the final 9 movies of the October Challenge!

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

A cohort of mine on Inked In sends along this fun little Halloween quiz for the season! Answers will be posted over the weekend! No prizes other than an excuse to kill time at work!


Welcome to my little Halloween quiz, a test of your knowledge concerning all things horror. Well, some things.

Have a go, see how well you can do. Some of the questions are pretty easy, some are as tough to crack as a nun’s knickers on a Sunday. Not that I’d know….

Now, I know that the temptation will no doubt surface to start Googling the answers but why not see how you can do from what I’m sure will be your own vast catacombs of stored knowledge. Snort.

So, here we go. Good luck, losers!

The quiz lies after the jump!

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

Following up on yesterday’s “Halloween Memories” post… Scooby Doo in all her glory!

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

Midnight Muenster is BACK! This week we dive into the direct to video sequel “Pulse 2″ starring Jamie Bamber and the 1980 classic “The Changeling” starring George C. Scott!

Be sure to email us at with your feedback, we’d love to hear from ya!

Click here to download or listen!

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

As the week grows older, Halloween grows closer. With colder weather and dying leaves on the tree, I can’t help but grow more excited and more nostalgic by the day! Visions of kiddos tromping about in whatever creature strikes their fancy always brings me back to my own days of reverie of this long favorite holiday.

As a youngster myself, I was blessed with a mother that was both creative and crafty. This generally meant that I always had one of the best costumes going. As a wee one, I was never quite fully aware of just how great these costumes turned out; I always wound up being what I wanted to be. There was a year that mom made me the most amazing R2D2 costume; paper mache slathered lovingly over a giant balloon to make a full body costume. It was a spitting image of R2D2, legs and googaws and all. The costume was rigid and had to be lowered over my head and reached all the way to my ankles. I was R2D2. The costume was so rigid, I was forced to staple my candy bag to one leg and my mother had to journey with me house to house because there was no way for me to ring the doorbell. It was that awesome; kids turned their heads as they walked by on the street it was that impressive. Even despite the fact that there was one imposing hill in our northern Indiana town that posed problems, I loved it all the same. (Seeing as the costume was so rigid, I couldn’t bend my knees. This resulted in my tipping over as I started my descent, rolling to the bottom of the hill! Regardless, suit unscathed.) It was somewhere between 78 and the early 80′s, so Star Was was THE thing to be, and I was quite ecstatic to take part.

Not mine, but what I envisioned

My home made costumes were always of like quality and manufacture from mom. Always over the top, always huge, always awesome. As a young kid though, I had a hard time appreciating this though. We’d head to the store year after year in search of bits and piece and parts, so I would always catch glimpses of the vinyl character costumes that used to line the shelves. Back then, the costumes were always packed in boxes with see through panes on the top and I would always look them over with wonder. Inevitably my classroom parties would be filled with such costumes, and I always looked on them with envy. Sure, mom always made amazing costumes but these guys…they got do be all sorts of fascinating things like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Captain America, or the object of my own costuming desire….Luke Skywalker. Some few years after the amazing R2D2 costume, I decided I couldn’t stand it any longer and stood my ground for the in store argument over what I wanted to be for Halloween. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker, particularly Luke Skywalker in his X Wing uniform. Who didn’t want to be an X Wing pilot in 1980? Mom, being as crafty as she was started her gears to turning on how she could make such an extravagent costume, but I insisted she didn’t need to worry; there was already a complete costume sitting here on the shelf just waiting to be snatched up, complete with plastic Skywalker face.

The look of disappointment was near instant in mom’s face, but I was too young to pick up on the subtleties of it all. (Ask my wife, she’ll say at 34, I still can’t pick up on the subtleties of women!) All I knew was that my target was in site and the force was flowing through me; I had to stay on target. Eventually, I prevailed and Halloween rolled around and I got to don my vinyl X Wing suit. It was a cold year, so the costume had to go on over a heavy winter coat which detracted from it’s appearance instantly. With the home made costumes crafted by mom, I never had to worry about getting cold. They were always thick and elaborate so I never grew cold. The dissolution of my grand visions of trick or treating were already on the downfall. Most of the night went as expected, but there was one heart breaking fact that I discovered at the end of the night; vinyl costumes were cheap and they were flimsy. Luke Skywalker had split and shredded under the extensive hiking as I walked from house to house that night. I think I shed a bit of a tear that night as I realized that those packaged costumes that looked so great actually kind of sucked, and I missed out on a year of my mom’s excellent costume skills. What a lame Halloween.

Needless to say, I never again looked twice at the store bought costumes after that fateful year. I was young, maybe 10 or so, but I learned a valuable lesson. Halloween costumes are ALWAYS better when made from the heart and crafted by hand. In fact, the tradition carries on to this day some fifteen years later as my own daughter and I prepare to set forth into the night on Friday night. This year Delaney will be setting forth in yet another large paper mache head, sculpted by the master hands of my mother in the form of a Scooby Doo head. She’ll also be wearing a matching brown sweat suit complete with patented Scooby Spots and tail. Myself will be right there beside her as we go house to house, complete with Green shirt & brown pants and Shaggy wig. Sure, my own costumes have been scaled down as we pour more effort into Delaney’s costumes, but the fun is all the same, if not more so since I’m passing on the same excitement of a great costume onto her. And thankfully? Delaney’s still yet to fall prey to the boxed costume lining the store shelves!

For you readers out there, if you made it this far, I invite you to share your own Halloween memories in the comments below!

Happy Halloween folks! (And sorry mom!)

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Friday, October 24th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

Those of you who are familiar with Three Sheets on Mojo HD, pay attention. From Zane’s Myspace Blog….

OK, as you probably have heard by now, MOJO HD is going off the air as of December 1st. The big surprise, however, is that another network hasn’t swooped in to grab it. What’s up with thaaaat?

We have 15 NEW episode completed and 5 more in the works. Can you imagine not ever being able to see them?! So, a grass-roots campaign has been started to SAVE THREE SHEETS. Some radio stations have gotten involved, but the power really is with you.

Here are some networks that would make sense. Send them emails. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Inundate the them! Call your local radio station to have them get the word out! Blog about it! Don’t let the most fun show on TV end up on the web!

Feel free to send people to my MySpace page.
I’ll put the following info on my page…

Here’s Spike’s email address (they also have an HD channel):

Here’s Comedy Central feedback form:

Here’s the Trave?l Chann?el form (they also have an HD channel):?

Here’s the form for Discovery Channel (they also have an HD channel):

Here’s the form for E!:

Don’t let me become “that guy who used to host that drinking show”!!!



For those of you not familiar with “Three Sheets”, it is by far the best (and really only) show worth watching on MojoHD! In a nutshell, comedian Zane travels the world and samples the local alcohol brews, all while having fun with the natives. It’s part travel show, part comedy, and part BEER. Really, the world will be a little bit more boring without getting to watch Zane get shitfaced and mess with locals on a weekly basis.

So, if you’re a fan, be sure to follow the links above to help try and draw some attention for a new home for Zane and the Three Sheets crew! If you haven’t seen the show, track down the season one DVD set on Netflix and give it a spin if you’re even the smallest fan of alcohol. It’s really a lot of fun.

Zane Lamprey can also be seen on The Travel Channel hosting ‘No Reservations’ as well! For full details, check out his Myspace page or catch past episodes on Hulu, so now you have no excuse!

Help a brother out!

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Friday, October 24th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

A nifty Word Cloud made from the front page of Cinema Fromage, courtesty of Wordle.

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Friday, October 24th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

Ten years ago, a tragedy changed the town of Harmony forever. Tom Hanniger, an inexperienced coal miner, caused an accident in the tunnels that trapped and killed five men and sent the only survivor, Harry Warden, into a permanent coma. But Harry Warden wanted revenge. Exactly one year later, on Valentine’s Day, he woke up…and brutally murdered twenty-two people with a pickaxe before being killed.

Ten years later, Tom Hanniger returns to Harmony on Valentine’s Day, still haunted by the deaths he caused. Struggling to make amends with his past, he grapples with unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, who is now married to his best friend, Axel, the town sheriff. But tonight, after years of peace, something from Harmony’s dark past has returned. Wearing a miner’s mask and armed with a pickaxe, an unstoppable killer is on the loose. And as his footsteps come ever closer, Tom, Sarah and Axel realize in terror that it just might be Harry Warden who’s come back to claim them…

The new teaser poster and trailer has hit the streets today for “My Bloody Valentine 3D”! Now, the poster unfortunately focuses on the 3D gimmick a bit too much for my own tastes instead of on the movie itself. Remember the old poster for the original “MBV”?

Now isn’t that far more iconic and attention grabbing? Unfortunately this new poster just smacks of ‘Look folks, 3D!’. Aside from the name on the top, the only real hint that this is ‘My Bloody Valentine’ is a pick-axe.

Where they did score however is in the new Teaser Trailer that is out today! Fairly standard as far as trailers go, but it shows us the meat and potatoes of what the movie is about and makes it look interesting to boot! So, check it out, let us know what you think!

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

The Movie

As covered back in former episode of Midnight Muenster, “Zombie Strippers” is a pretty damn good flick all around. From the press release:

Starring Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund and Roxy Saint (of the Goth Rock Band: Roxy Saint and the Blackouts), Zombie Strippers is a comedic horror film set in the not too distant future, when a secret government re-animation “chemo-virus” gets released and lands in an underground strip club. The virus first infects Kat (Jameson), turning her into a flesh-craving Super Zombie Stripper, with killer moves on the dance floor. She instantly becomes the club’s most popular attraction and the other girls begin to get jealous of all the attention Kat is getting. As the virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into Zombies, the girls struggle with whether or not to conform to the new “fad” even if it means there’s no turning back.

Jenna Jameson as a naked zombie. What’s not to love?!? But believe it or not, with a name like “Zombie Strippers” and starring one of the biggest mogul’s in Porn today, there is a heck of a lot more to this flick that boobs and brains. It’s still a major part of it, but it goes way deeper than that!

What makes ZS a standout is director Jay Lee’s love of the genre and his attention to detail in the writing. There are so many in jokes in here pertaining to society, the government, big business…the works. There’s enough here that you get some mental stimulation as well!

Robert Englund is….well, he’s Robert Englund and he’s a master at the ham fisted bad guy roles. He’s delightfully cheesy here in his slimyness. Everything from NRA jokes and his germophobia make for a great little character that manages to steal scenes. Jenna Jameson does quite well also. Granted, she’s playing a stripper and she’s been doing that for years; she also brings a bit of believability to the role as well besides just showing off her girls. (Mind you, that’s nice too) The rest of the cast does their part to bring together a nice little genre satire as well as a gore fest that is on par with the other movies that take themselves too seriously.

As far as the zombie canon goes, there’s really not much to worry about. They don’t stick to the strictest rules of the zombie code, but they do quite well. As a matter of fact, the makeup in use in “ZS” is downright impressive. Naked zombies strutting their stuff obviously require full body makeups. The work they did on Jenna, Roxie Roxie was pretty damn great. They slowly break down over the course of the movie and the effects are obvious. Dry and decaying skin, gray palor, the works. The kills are handled well and creatively too; they’ll make you cringe for sure if you’re a guy and the jaw zombie is by far one of my favorites I’ve seen as of late.


There are a number of extra’s packed onto the disk, and they’re pretty nice if you’re into the behind the scenes view. In addition to the standard ‘deleted scenes’ features that are common to almost any movie these days, we have commentary with Jay Lee, Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund & Joey Medina, The Champagne Room: Behind the Scenes of Zombie Strippers, and The Dressing Room: How to Glam a Zombie.

These two features were both detailed and entertaining to gain further aspect of what “Zombie Strippers” was all about. In The Champagne Room, we learn the origins of what inspired Jay Lee’s plot and how much detail he’s put in to the various characters and settings. There is a reason for nearly every character in this movie. We also learn that the movie is loosely based on a play called “The Rhino” and helps to point out some of the more subtle references that were made during the movie. In The Dressing Room, we get detailed looks from the FX team on how they made Jenna Jameson actually look gross (think about it, that would be a pretty tough job) and how exactly they came up with the makeups and effects. If you’re a tech geek for horror FX, you’ll approve of this whole heartedly.

The Rating

It’s easy for me having seen the movie three times now to give “Zombie Strippers” a 9 out of 10. It may seem high on your first glance, but this is a movie that you pick up more and more on repeated viewings. The disk itself gets a 9 out of 10 as well for a pretty transfer, good sound and solid extra features.

If you refrain from seeing this due to the name, you’re a goob! It’s a great flick that needs attention in this day and age of remakes and PG13 horror.

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

You’ll notice on the sidebar that there is a brand spanking new image & link to the ‘The League of Tana Tea Drinkers’!

The LOTTD’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to acknowledge, foster, and support thoughtful, articulate,and creative blogs built on an appreciation of the horror and sci-horror genre. Horror bloggers are a unique group of devoted fans and professionals, from all walks of life, who keep the horror genre, in all its permutations and media outlets, alive and kicking. Often spending long hours to keep their blogs informative and fun, horror bloggers share their unique mix of personality, culture and knowledge freely to fans of a genre difficult to describe, but easy to love.

It’s time to honor exemplary horror blogs with our own special insignia: one that signifies the heights to which we aspire, and the code of excellence we follow to promote horror in all it’s wonderfully frightening forms, from classic to contemporary, from philosophical to schlockical.

The League of Tana Tea Drinkers are bloggers who toil away the extra midnight hour to present the best in horror blogging to reach the heights of horrifying excellence, and know what rapture it is to sip tana tea in the full moon light, and feel the thrill of walking the dark passageways in cinema and literature in search of the unusual, the terrifying, and the monstrous. For the fun of it.

Keep watching the skies, and reading the horror. LOTT D is coming for you!

–ILoz Zoc

What’s this mean for Cinema Fromage? This means we’ve been deemed worthy to join the illustrious ranks of fellow horror bloggers around the internet! For me, this is quite exciting as I’ve deemed all the members of this group top notch talent that I’ve always done my best to keep keep up with! So now you’ll find the occasional post keeping up with the discussions taking place with the LOTTD helping to inspire me to more articles!

You can follow along with the League of Tana Tea Drinkers on blogspot at Be sure to check out the sites of the other members as well as there’s some great scares to be found!


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