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Monday, November 02nd, 2009 | Author: Casey Criswell

When nerds have too much time on their hands, things like the above Harley Quinn themed Xbox Controller happens!

Recently I found myself faced with a problem many gamers have faced; sticky controllers. With an in house 9 year old with a taste for Kool Aid and video games, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The controllers worked fine except for sticky buttons and me being handy with a screw driver and such, I figured it was cheaper to take it apart to clean rather than buy a new controller. As I sat destroying one of my best friends (the controller, not the 9 year old) I was struck with another though; white sure is boring.

With a little research, I discovered vinyl dye and it is some magical stuff. As opposed to coating the plastic, it actually stains it, so there is no extra thickness added to the narrow passages of the buttons. With that and my own love of Harley Quinn, a new plan came together and here you have…a new custom Xbox wireless controller.

I learned some things here with my first experience with vinyl dye. Spray far away and more importantly, use the blue tape. There were some issues with clean lines due to the crappy standard masking tape. All in all, I love it and do to the nature of dye, it stands up excellently to heavy usage. No chips or smears. With this experience in hand, stay tuned for the upcoming Batgirl controller. It’s gonna be the bomb!

Uh…that said, anybody out there that can point me to some bright yellow vinyl dye?

If I’ve held your attention this long, feel free to check out the work log pics!

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Sunday, November 01st, 2009 | Author: Casey Criswell

Well here we are, sitting at November 1st and Halloween is already starting to fade into the past. While it could be considered a sad time for those of us that look at this holiday as the most anticipated of the year, I can be happy in saying that in looking back, it was the best in recent years!

As I’ve mentioned on Twitter before, my daughter decided on a Batgirl costume for this year and it proved to be a great choice. She loved the costume, loved the getting dressed up and soon discovered a whole new love for Batgirl and the Batman universe. We’ve since started a new found love of comics to go along with this new fascination, so we were good to go.

As Halloween drew near, I found myself without a costume to wear and little options available. However, I was struck with inspiration as I found myself with some odds and ends that began to give shape to something grand in design in my head. So with some black vinyl dye here, some bits and pieces of clothes I had about the house, a piece of cardboard and some crayons, I gave birth to the costume you see above; Batgirl and her new sidekick…The Swine Flu Avenger!

Now mind you, there were no parties involved with this grand paring. No, this was just for trick-or-treating, so the scrutiny of the get-ups in question were nowhere near as close as if we were at a private party where the reverie was up close and personal. Still, this dynamic duo managed to draw stares throughout the neighborhood, garnered many ‘great costume!’ comments and even more comments that passed by once we had gone. It was a feeling of accomplishment from both me and Batgirl herself as this was the first time she had drawn this much praise on Halloween in quite awhile!

So, I’ve hereby declared this Halloween as a rousing success, both for myself and Batgirl here. We spent the day visiting some family, the evening with some good friends who provided their own super powered skills with excellent chili and chicken wings to ward off the evening chill. As the night wore down, Batgirl and myself finished the evening crashed out on the couch watching football as Mrs. Swine Flu Avenger regaled us with tales of evil doers and goblins that she fought off at our front door. Before bedtime came, I turned to Batgirl and asked, “So, did you have a good Halloween?” to which she replied…”OH YAH, it was awesome!”

Sadly, Batgirl did not fare very well the rest of the evening as she quickly drifted off there on the couch, sound asleep with empty candy wrappers clutched in her hands. It wasn’t until the next morning that she soon realized that her new sidekick may not be as trustworthy as she thought; she found her candy supply from the nights works dangerously depleted at the hands of someone close….

Now having regaled you with the sad tale of Batgirl and The Swine Flu Avenger, I turn to brief bit of begging. As it turns out, our dynamic duo and their action pose above has been submitted to the Wired Halloween Photo Contest on Facebook. Should you see fit and if you enjoyed this tale two faced ne’erdowells, I ask your simply for your vote on our contest entry!

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