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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

You know what they say…pimpin’ ain’t easy! But I’m going to pimp this spiffy new ebook short all the same!

This time around, we have a visit from “The Fat Man and his Dog” who once graced these very pages at Cinema Fromage! Originally run as a serial here back in 2007, the story has made it’s rounds and still, somehow, remains a favorite of the few folks that actually read it!

Available for just $.99, “The Fat Man and his Dog” is ready to go in a hearty Kindle flavor on and will soon be available for Nook, iPad and any other e-reader that you can imagine through

Get it while it’s hot! (And Fat, cause the Fat Man? He ain’t so fat any more.)

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

Make no bones about it; I’m a sci-fi geek. Was this once a horror blog? Why yes it was! Deep my heartiest of hearts lies a fascination with the far flung reaches of outer space, the manifest destiny of colonizing new worlds and frankly, a wish to be there in the cold expanses of a new world. I’m not saying I’m geekier than though; I’m just saying a love great science fiction. Luckily for me, Ray Bradbury’s been pumping out great sci-fi for decades!

All that said, I’ve always been woefully lax in my Bradbury reading. There was no particular reason for doing so beyond perhaps a simple case of “that book is old and this book is shiny and new!” I was also a diehard devotee of Robert Heinlein too. Do the two schools clash? No, not at all. It’s just that I spent all of my reading time on everything Heinlein and didn’t leave much room for Ray. These days, I’ve been reading like a fiend as I try and fuel my own writing career and prime the pump with ideas and I came across an old copy of “The Martian Chronicles” that I’ve had for nearly twenty years. As you can see at the top of the post, the cover had a wonderful oil painting that filled the mind instantly with wonder and fantasy. I looked over for that cover for a bit and came across an opening in my reading list. The book looked thin leading me to believe it would be a quick read so I figured it was time. Two days later, I found that the book was indeed a quick read. I would have never guessed that it would have affected myself and my imagination in such a profound way.

A collection of short stories, “The Martian Chronicles” is not told in the typical narrative structure that you would expect in a science fiction novel. Instead, we are given snapshots throughout the history of Mars and Earth’s explosive growth throughout the years that pass. At times the stories are goofy in that classic science fiction sense with quirky natives with absurd reactions. Where the magic happens is when you transition into the next chapter, Bradbury’s tale takes a solemn turn, highlighting the shortcomings of both a human, and Martian race. As a whole, “Chronicles” runs a full gamut of emotions within its pages. The sense of exploration is thick; an excitement for the dream of wealth and prosperity in a new land is infection. As you bask in the adventurous spirit, Bradbury will then turn the horizon bleak with ramifications that will effect generations and all, tying back as a reflection upon our own selves.

Bradbury is a poignant man. He is an author that has his finger on the pulse of the world with a distinct warning for all of us for one possible future out of many. What he does not do is preach. Instead he entertains with gripping tales and paints a magical landscape that we wander through over the decades, a landscape filled with hot sun and dry Martian deserts, elegant cities the relics of an ancient race. Therein lies the key; “The Martian Chronicles” does not focus on the lives of any particular sets of characters. Instead, the focus is the Martian world itself, and the lives it influences.

If I haven’t conveyed the fact above, in a scant two days, “The Martian Chronicles” has landed itself solidly in one of my favorite books of all time. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe as it’s a state of mind that a story leaves you in one you turn that last page. Many books are enjoyable, many are hard to put down. It’s a scant few that manages to transport you from your mundane living room to harsh red planet and leaves feeling emotionally spent as you pass through its annals of history.

Thanks Mr. Bradbury, that was truly a great adventure.

Friday, April 15th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

You know, Kraft has been selling their cheese by the slice for decades now, so why should Cinema Fromage be able to sell theirs by the slice as well? For a whopping $.99, you can now buy e-book copies of my short stories “Jack Boots for Jesus” that was originally published in the college literary magazine “The Jack” back in 2007, and “Deep Lies the Murky Floor” that appeared in last years “Dark: A Horror Anthology”!

If you click on the lovely covers above, you’ll be magically transported to where the books are available in all flavors of e-book, such as the Kindle and Nook variety’s, so there’s no holding back! (There’s a nifty Kindle app for the iphone, Android phone and the PC as well, so no excuses!)

If you enjoy this handy little chunks of story, (tailored perfectly for the bathroom I happily remind you) be sure to stay tuned here at Cinema Fromage! The novella’s “A Fat Man and his Dog” and “Bloodhound” will be coming soon and depending on the response, perhaps some continuing adventures of Sister Mary Elizabeth and her undead annoyances!

So spread the word, comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

I’m a sucker for some good planet colonization sci-fi and Steele has delivered ten fold in “Coyote”! The story takes some jumps in the time line, which after doing some post reading research shows that it was originally published in a series of shorts and novellas. So, it all works out good! In fact, the jumping nature of the narrative makes the story a bit less dense and plays well to the entertainment value.

The characters are strong and enjoyable though Steele’s politics bleed through pretty heavily. That’s not to say it’s a hindrance to the story; it’s just very very clear where the author’s thoughts lie. It doesn’t dilute the solid hard science fiction edge to the books at all and the good old fashioned frontier/manifest destiny of planet colonization is at the fore front where it should be.

If I had any big complaints for “Coyote”, it would be for a lack of diversity for alien life forms that inhabit the moon. The critters that we were given, a rough handful of what you would expect on an alien planet, are re-used heavily throughout the book. It would have added to the high sense of adventure to come across ever stranger beasts and plant life as the crept around the planet. Then again, there’s two more books in the series and our favorite characters have yet to adventure too far from home!

All in all, a great sci-fi read in the vein of Heinlein and the more modern Scalzi!

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Monday, April 11th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

If you happen to follow me on Twitter or be one of the folks I’ve already hit up for helping out, you may have heard that I have a new podcast in the works. Well, that rumor’s not exactly true.

I have two new podcasts in the works.

First up, is “Monster Vs. Monster” that will be hosted by myself and my best convention buddy ever, Charlie from over at Movie Fan House. This show is going to be dedicated to all things monster movies with a slightly different take than then straight up horror movie podcast! What’s that mean? How about Universal Frankenstein Vs. Hammer Frankenstein? Bride of Frankenstein Vs. Frankenstein Created Woman? Pretty sweet, huh? The plans are still coming together on this one so stay tuned for news as Movie Fan House gears up for a relaunch soon!

Now, for the second podcast! It’s un-named as of yet, but the show is coming together nicely. Do you like books? I love ‘em myself. I love books so much, I decided to make a podcast dedicated to them! This show is special though as it’s not just another excuse for me to sit around and listen to myself. No, you’ll be treated to a slew of guests from around the podcast and blogging worlds as we sit and discuss our book of the month. The guests will be rotating each episode so you’ll have a constant mix of voices!

Here’s the shocker…This show isn’t about horror books.

I know, right?

No, this new book podcast is going to cover the gambit. Sure, there may be a horror novel or two being talked about. There’s going to be some sci-fi, some post apocalypse fiction, some urban fantasy, some non-fiction and more! We’re all going to put on our thinking caps and broaden our horizons here folks.

For the book-cast, you’re going to have to be patient. Recording is set to begin over the summer months with the first episode going live this fall. Books take time folks, and every reads at their own pace! So the important thing is nobody feels pressured here! Instead, we’ll be pre-recording the entire first season which will be released every two weeks for a whopping 12 episodes! Once Season 1 is in the can, the guest invites will be going out for Season 2!

Now that I have your attention, what’s in store?

How about myself, Joe Charnews from Bloody Good Horror, Desmond Reddick from Dread Media and Kelley Kombrinck from Night of the Living Podcast digging into Joe Hill’s “Horns”? We’ll have discussions on “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “Earth Blood” by James Axler and a whole lot more! We’ll have more special guests such as Brother D and Miss Bren from Mail Order Zombie, Amy and Freddy from Night of the Living Podcast, and even my own lovely wife!

Some books still have some opening slots, so if you feel like you’d love to sit in? Just let me know! Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch!

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Wednesday, April 06th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

My two favorite ghouls.

Standing next to Matt Hoffman, I think I look more like the Big Brother.


There is a Killer Klown From Outer Space in this picture. Can you guess which one?

Two of my favorite monsters.

Delaney and Daniel Roebuck, quite possibly the nicest man in show business.

Total Miles Walked – 165 Miles
Total Pounds Lost – 35 lbs
Outlook on Life – Pleased to meet you!

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