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Monday, July 30th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

This pas weekend found me back home in the northern climbs of Plymouth, IN for a wedding. I was faced with some time to myself in the morning ours and some nice mid 70 degree temps, so it seemed like it was the perfect time for a run. I had setout to see how far I could go, perhaps I’d push on for a full hour long run. Turns out, thanks to the rest day on Friday, the nice temps and the stellar scenic trails added by the Plymouth Parks Department, I managed a whopping 4.2 mile run!

Up until this point, my running has been contained solely to my subdivision. We do have some trails to run on there, but they’re all in open fields and there simply isn’t much as far as wooded areas go. Being able to hit these trails in the Plymouth Park was a nice change of pace. They were well wooded, which meant cool and shady. It was just comfortable to run in! It was rather scenic as well, being able to see things like the passing Yellow River, the high banks on the far side (including the spot where my best friend Rick used to take his dates to see his ‘deck’!)(Really, it was a deck overlooking the river!) which was a drastic change to flat soccer fields and over grown ‘nature areas’ at home.

Though I didn’t get to hit very much in the way of actual dirt packed single track type trails, there were some and I made sure to give them a visit. I’ve been a (lax) hiker for many years and really love to do some long day hikes here and there. I’ve never tried actual trail running though. Being able to hit the few dirt trails at the park awakened me to the idea and it’s take hold like a tick! There’s just something zen like about coursing through a tight back trail, trees encroaching close to either side, the smell of dirt and nature as you inhale fresh air deep into your lungs! This is something I definitely plan on doing more of; I’m feeling a strong pull to go off road. I definitely have to start planning some trail exercursions for this fall when the temperatures start to get comfortable. It also makes a great excuse to do a bit of camping this fall, which will thrill my wife for sure. (Not sarcastic! She’s been itching to go camping!)

So, the visit back home was a good. It was great seeing family I haven’t seen in some time and it was great hearing ‘holy crap, you HAVE lost a ton of weight!’ repeatedly throughout the weekend. Being able to 4.2 miles for the first time was definitley a highlight however. I was able to follow up this long haul with a short 1.5 mile run on Sunday afternoon and then backup to my standard 3.11 miles this morning, so it didn’t even break me. How about that?

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Thursday, July 26th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

It’s not suprise to anybody that things here at old Cinema Fromage have been….stagnant. I’ve updated sporadically and the fire’s just not there behind the old keyboard. Starting this site back in 2005, I was excited, enjoying life and enjoying the admiration and stuff from you readers and other peers; it was pretty great. It was pretty great for quite a few years. But, as often happens, times change, priorities get shifted and interests just start to fade.

It’s a hard thing to go through, years of putting your heart into something only to slowly watch it waste away. Really, that’s where I am these days with Cinema Fromage. I don’t want to let it die; I love it too much. I still plod away on the keyboard regularly; it’s just moved to pursuing writing in a format that you’ll get to see, just some other day and in a different format. I still love my horror movies, but the awe and wonder just aren’t the same. I just don’t have time. That leaves me at the cross roads of what is this site for, and why do I continue to pay the bills?

Over the past few months, I’ve taken to bettering myself on the physical front. Weight was becoming a problem, so I took to the streets to fix it. That is to say, I started walking a lot and eventually, started running. The weight is doing pretty awesome right now, and not really the point. The point is, I’ve spent quite a miles with nothing but myself and my over spinning brain mulling things over. (Note: Exactly 250 Miles to date!)

More often than not, especially here lately, I find myself stuck on the future of Cinema Fromage. These days, it’s obvious that my attention has be turned near fully to the realm of Podcasting. I’ve three solid shows (I think so, anyways!) that I love doing. These show’s aren’t going anywhere; I’m still going to be churning out the Hammer Love with Derek and Scott on 1951 Down Place. I’m still going to be the loveable PR bear over at Bloody Good Horror, just not as bear like. I’m still going to be putting out Dad and his Weird Friends as well. But none of that really has to do with Cinema Fromage.

To be frank; I’ve lost any real desire to churn out movie reviews in the written form. I had passion for it, but I don’t know that I had any kind of great talent at it. I started to feel the burnout a good two years ago and since then, the reviews petered out and here we are today. While I do put in a lot of podcasting work, there are sites for those shows out there and posting about them here? It’s a bit repetitive. That leaves the big question; what do we do with Cinema Fromage.

I’ve thought many times that I’d use it as a personal blog, especially with trying to slowly kick start a writing career. Every good author needs a solid site. I’ve even taken a stab and doing such a thing here, but then I get self conscious about the idea and think ‘this is supposed to be a horror blog, nobody wants to read this stuff’ and then….I quit. Those ideas always start to die out as soon as I begin to violate some unwritten horror blogger code that exists solely in my brain.

With all this time on hands to mull things over as the rest of my body does all the work, it started to dawn on me that maybe it’s that hang up that I have that’s holding me back. Maybe, that nugget of an idea that thinks of Cinema Fromage as a still active horror blog is what keeps me from transforming this blog space into something different, something more personal? Eventually, this line of thinking lead to the idea that maybe it’s time to put the idea of my separate little horror blog to rest.

And well, here we are. Putting Cinema Fromage, the horror blog…to rest.

With that out of my system, here’s what I can tell you happens from here. It’s still going to be here. I’d like to think I’ll be posting a lot more here soon too. Hell, it’s probably going to even look the same because I put a lot of work into this template and I think it looks neat! The content however, will be different.

As I spent my hours racking up 250 miles, I returned a lot to where I see myself going as a blogger and what exactly I should do. I kept coming back to the idea that these days, I don’t think of myself as a horror blogger so much. I think of myself as more of an old school raconteur, a guy who likes to tell entertaining stories, keep people interested by whatever whim I happen to stumble across and that’s when it hit me; why not just go back to just telling stories.

Sure, I’m still going to talk about movies from time to time. I’ll even talk about books, TV shows and all sorts of stuff. Hell, I’ll probably even do more actuall horror blogging over at Bloody Good Horror! Cinema Fromage here is just going to morph into something bigger and better, something a bit different for me. After trying to be a writer, worrying about keeping up specific content here, preparing for three different podcasts and trying to be with my family as much as I can? It all adds up. This way? I can excel at the others and use CF for the fun times.

So please, feel free to stick around and see where this new idea leads. I’d love the company!

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Monday, July 16th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

Welp, here we are at 287.4 pounds. Down 64 lbs from 351! Nothing to sneeze at for certain! However, I find myself annoyed as I’ve been stuck here since returning form the 4th of July vacation! Still; not too shabby all the same! Plus, I think the inches are still disappearing, so it’s all good.

Beyond that, I can’t complain too much. Just this morning, I completed week 8 of the Couch to 5k program. That translates to walking a five minute warm up, then running for 28 minutes straight, then a five minute cool down. That equaled out to about 2.3 miles this morning! I have one more week left starting Wednesday, where I’ll have 3 days of running 30 min, then I’m done! Seeing as I couldn’t even run a mile in high school, this is still kind of hard to believe for me!

Just about a month ago, I was talking with my coach about updating my goals. One of the goals I told her I wanted was to be able to run a mile. She told me, “You uh…realize you’ll be doing that in like two weeks, right?” I didn’t believe her then, now I can look back and think, “Well how bout that?”

So here we are, currently at 287. (Big Note! This puts us 12 lbs from the half way point!) Hopefully, this plateau breaks soon. I’m not despondent by any means; I know it’ll break sooner or later! Plus, I’ve got the coach to help me out as far adjustments go, we’ll discuss that Thursday. It just helps to get the frustration off my chest and this is my blog so….here ya go! :)

Until next time, later gaters!

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

It was slow there for a bit, but I’m now getting back into the podcasting groove here at Fromage central and you know what? It feels good. My guest this episode, Colleen, the First Lady of Fright, will tell you that I still read slow as all hell, but that’s okay!

If you haven’t been able to tell after these last two episodes, the Criswell household is a well read household. The trick is, Colleen and I’s taste in genre fiction doesn’t always meet up eye to eye. I love me some hard core sci-fi, Coll likes urban fantasy and paranormal romance type stuff. The beauty is that when it comes to horror and zombies especially, we tend to see eye to eye. In addition to this, Colleen and I have been a pair for nearly twenty years now. (I know, right?) She knows me *quite* well. In fact, she knows me better than anybody else out there. So when Coll finishes a book and immediately turns to me and says, “OH MY GOD you gotta read this!!!” I tend to take notice, and it generally pays off in my favor!

Which leads us to Episode 12. Coll was very excited by this book and it was brought to her attention by a simple recommendation on Goodreads. (You can follow Colleen on Goodreads here!) It just goes to show that Goodreads is a handy resource! If you like zombies and good characters, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

As always, feedback on the podcast is always welcome! Shoot me an email at, anytime! We have a discussion groupon Facebook as well, so come join us and geek out on some books!

The Dad and his Weird Friends Book Club can be found on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast Feed or you can download directly, here!

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