Monday, May 17th, 2010 | Author: Casey Criswell

Hey, would you believe it, I’m actually not promoting my own stuff for a change! No no, today I’m spreading the world on How to Survive the Strange! Put together by Bryan over at Cinema Suicide and John Herman.

What is How to Survive the Strange? Easy! It’s a little web series that promises to prepare you for any kind of monster/slasher/end of the world eventuality by showing you some good solid techniques on how to deal with any of these situations! Here in Episode 1 you’ll learn the many uses of your standard claw hammer in event of a zombie invasion. Good to know, huh?

Be sure to head over to Funny or Die and check out the first ep. It’s worth a few laughs and they’re good people who deserve your votes! To make it even more worth your while, be sure to check out the How to Survive the Strange blog to find out how you can win some nifty prizes by helping spread the word!

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