Thursday, January 27th, 2011 | Author: Casey Criswell

Portrait of Fat Man in Motion

I learned a long time ago; when you’re waging a year long battle against a bitter enemy, it’s the smallest victories that count. You could look on it in the negative light such as “you may have won the battle, but you have not yet won the war”, but this is a positive post, none of that glass half empty shit here!

So far, 2011 has been a year of change. I quit smoking. That was no small battle, I can assure you. My writing output has increased greatly. You could say I’m now driven. Hell, even the old noggin is a bit clearer in the day to day routine now, much to the happiness of my boss at work! The next biggest change; weight loss.

I’ve done weight loss before. Back around 2004-2005? I lost 65 lbs. I Dropped from 300 to 235 lbs. It was awesome. But then I got sick in the head, I turned to junk food for comfort and well…we’re going to start this mess all over again. It’s all right though. Clearer head means it’s going to stick this time.

The routine has been in flux and in flux for the better. Today, (January 27th) sees the start of a new Weight Watchers program. It also sees myself weighing in six pounds lighter! (In case that wasn’t clear, I’VE LOST SIX FREAKING POUNDS!!!) So, the changes are working. Though I’ve been spotty at best, I’ve resumed my walking which helped me drop so much weight before. I love to walk; it’s just so damn cold in central Indiana.

Now, I’ve come up with a fix for the “walking in the cold” problem. It’s no secret that I’m a giant nerd. It’s also no secret that I’m a giant man child in that I love my Xbox probably more than I should. Generally, video games are associated with wasting hours sitting on the couch eating Cheetos but since we gave the daughter a Kinect this past Christmas, that image has changed. Coll has taken to the new regimen better than I have, but we now have in our possession two Xbox games, “The Biggest Loser” and “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved”. Both games provide an aerobic workout in the privacy of your own home. I’ve had my doubts about a aerobics video game being effective; judging from my weak knees and the screaming pain in my joints? They work pretty damn good!

(Just for clarity here, this doesn’t mean you won’t find me slack jawed in the dark living room playing Dead Space 2 for hours on end. It just means I’ve uh…varied my play style a bit!)

At any rate, the personal change machine feels good when you start to see positive results from it. Let’s hope I can get back down to a size where I can wear my nifty “Damaged Hearing” t-shirt I love so much. Regardless, for this fat man, it turns out that the secret to weight loss? Achievement points on Xbox Live!

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