Friday, November 16th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

As a former musician, long time music geek and all around good listener…I’ve long been a fan of the mix tape. Since I started running this year, I find myself with long stretches of time with nothing but spotify and a pair of earbuds to occupy my brain space, so I started making play lists once again. Those playlists were random and wandering however, lacking focus and theme! Until a week or two back until my friend Mark sparked my imagination with his Sad Bastard Music themed mix, which in turn inspired my own Sad Bastard Music 2: A Bloo Hoo Hoo.

Turns out, I missed the art of making a good mix tape!

Turns out too, said mix tapes make for great listening when I’m out running! Not to mention…they make me want to run even more to hear the whole thing.

So below, you can check out my latest mix tape, “Songs of Love, Loss and Flannel”. It’s a mix of folky, alt-country type mellow tunes as that’s what I’ve been into here as of late. If you’re familar with that style of music, you’ll recognize a few names such as Glen Campbell and The Head and the Heart as well as a bunch of lesser known bands that I’ve been discovering and falling in love with like Dr. Dog, The Lumineers and Josh Ritter. All in all, it’s a pretty mellow mix and makes for good back ground noise when you’re cruising down the side of a country road in this blustery fall weather!

Enjoy! I’m having a lot of fun with this, so stay tuned for some more here in the near future! For that matter, if this gets your own gears turning, make sure you share you own lists with me on Spotify!

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