Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

We’re finally here, the final days counting down to my next race, which is the Wheeler Mission Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning! This race is a 4.6 mile jaunt, one I’ve been looking forward to hitting up for quite awhile. I’ve found running races to be an absolute blast and let’s be frank; I’m still kind of blown away by the fact that I’m actually ‘running races’, so it’s good news all around. In addition to this, it gives me a tangible event to train towards and keeps me on track diet and exercise wise. So not only do these races boost up my ego; they also keep said ego on target for the long run.

The down side to this upcoming race however, is that it throws my normal gym routine into a bit of chaos as I try to cut back on certain workouts to preserve my legs for the big day. I’ve been dealing with a high amount of soreness in my quads the last week, more soreness than usual anyways, so I figure squats and deadlifts are a bad idea. While I don’t think I’ve hurt myself, I do fear maybe I pushed a bit too far a bit too soon when I deadlifted 245 last week, so for this week a rest. At the same time, ‘a rest’ in my mind doesn’t mean to lay off the exercise all together, so it means I’m stuck trying to tweak my normal routine on the fly. Generally, this isn’t too bad, but it also leaves my worry prone mind wondering if I’m not doing quite enough!

The typical routine consists of two Plans, A and B, done in a three day split. Plan A consists of Squats, Dead Lifts, Bench Press and Dips, with Hyperextensions and Weighted Sit Ups tacked on. Plan B repeats the Squats, then moves to Standing Military Press, Bent Over Rows and Pull Ups, then repeat the hyper extensions and sit ups. For this week, my split was on a B, A, B rotation. On Monday, I did everything but the Squats and it worked pretty well. Still, there’s the concern that maybe I didn’t do quite enough, yet I was still pooped by the end of the night and good and sore, so probably over thinking it! Today I’m going to do an easy 3 to 4 mile run at lunch to make sure I’m loosened up for the race on Thursday, then Wed. evening I’ll be looking at Bench Press, Dips, Hyperextensions and Sit Ups. I don’t really have anything good in mind to supplement the missing squats and deadlifts for this day, so I’ll go ahead and add in some Incline Bench Press as well and call it good.

While it seems like I’m worry a lot over little things, I find it pretty important to keep up on my exercise routine, especially this week of all weeks. It is Thanksgiving week after all, and Thanksgiving means EATING! As long as I’ve kept up the routine most of the week, I can safely consider Turkey Day a cheat meal and just not worry about it! That sounds like a pretty good way to deal with a food-centric holiday when you’re trying to drop pounds, don’t you think?

In the end, I hope the soreness in my quads goes away by Thursday morning. It’s not pain; it’s soreness, so there’s a big difference. Part of my mind is second guessing myself here, as the running has never felt quite the same after I took the week off after tanking last month. I think it’s safe to say that that issue is all mental however. Half of this trek is a mental game, so it’s important to stay positive and reminding myself that I can run 8.5 miles, so 5 miles is a piece of cake! Granted, that’s easier said than done, but we’re staying positive here!

Stay tuned for a full trip report after Thursday’s Drumstick Dash!

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