Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 | Author: Casey Criswell

Saturday 12/22/12

Race day!

Woke up this morning ready to run. Felt good, felt cold, but felt good all the same! The race was in Carmel, right next to where I work so it was an easy 25 minute drive to get over there. I got up, had a small breakfast and a cup of coffee or two and put on my gear. It was about the time I got the truck started and was ready to pull out that it dawned on me…I wasn’t worried about this race in the slightest!

This being my fourth race, I knew what to expect. Normally, I get a bit nervous…”Can I make it all the way through?”, “What if I take off too fast?” “What if, what if, what if?” This time around? I was just excited and ready to roll.

The race it self was great! There’s a pretty awesome park in the middle of Carmel, IN with a converted railroad trail that runs through the middle of it. The course started on this paved trail, then cut off through the smaller trails that wound through the park. The big downfall; it was 17 degrees when the race kicked off! As a runner, the cold temps are great! When the park department didn’t clear the paths like they had said they would, that’s when the suck arrives! Ice was the big problem of the day, but we bore through regardless. It was a bit iffy here and there, I had to help a lady up after falling and I saw at least two or three other people with bloody knees from their own spills. There was a section in the final mile where we ran down a hill, into a tunnel that passed under a major through road, and back up the other side. That was near solid ice both directions, so that was an adventure as well. However, considering that I still had a 9 min 50 sec per mile time after having to slow to a crawl as we all tiptoe’d down the hill/got into single file to run into the narrow strip of grass on the hill…that’s pretty great!

The next race I’ll be eyeballing is this 6.55 mi nighttime trail race at the end of January Looks pretty awesome! In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can log 22 miles between now and the end of the year so I can finish up 2012 with a whopping 300 running miles! (And if I don’t, that’s cool too, it would just be cool to finish on a round number!)

0:30:35 || 3.1 mi || 9:50 min/mi || flat (+328 pts)…ivity/137341292

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