Monday, August 19th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

My running addiction continues and with it, my love of making mix tapes on Spotify continues! I spent a good couple months on this one, it was pretty fun all in all. Don’t let the name of it fool you though; I’m really not all that sad. It sounds pretty catchy though, doesn’t it?

The upbeat tunes do help a lot for speed, but I find the bigger fight on long runs is the mental fatigue. These mellow tunes have made a big difference in my ability to mellow out, tune out and churn out some miles. This is a godsend when you start to focus on the miles left to cover and you find yourself panicking and talking yourself out of being able to complete them!

Music wise, there’s not a whole lot new in here. If you can’t tell, I REALLY like Deer Tick. They’ve made it into a couple of my playlists. Iron and Wine’s latest album Ghost on Ghost is really solid so it made for a good fit. Brett Dennan is a newcomer to my playlists. His tunes range from up beat to laid back, but he’s got a good sound. I plan on putting his full album into more regular rotation. The other new comer is Cami Bradley, who you may recognize from America’s Got Talent. Her cover tunes have been really great on the show and when I went out to try and find more info, I stumbled across a full album from her on Spotify! The entire disk is not quite my cup of tea, (she’s still a great talent, don’t get me wrong) but “The Best for Me” is really great. I’d say she should bust it out in the Semi Finals on AGT!

Allrighty, until next time, enjoy some Sad Dad & the Can’t Be Glad’s.

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