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Frankenstein Created Woman

The good Baron Frankenstein is a good man, with a passion for science and…well, science. His tastes drift a little to the eccentric though when he chooses his lab experiments. His latest is a device to trap the soul of a dead person, preserving the soul. When the Baron’s faithful assitant Hans is wrongly executed for murder, Frankenstein puts his theories to the test and captures Hans’s soul. So what is a mad scientist to do with a trapped soul? Well find a new body for it of course! It just so happens that Hans’s scarred and crippled girlfriend, so distraught at the execution of Hans, throws herself from a bridge and drowns herself to join him. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Frankenstein repairs her broken body, and places the soul of Hans inside. Soon, as Hans becomes aware, he uses the body of his dearly departed to enact his revenge on those who framed him for murder. Villagers revolt, storm Castle Frankenstein, (Well, house of Frankenstein Really) and soon we’re on a headlong rush across the British countryside to keep the beautiful Hans from killing again. (I’m so confused)

It’s Hammer time once again, and like most Hammer flicks, Frankenstein created woman is chock full of gothic atmosphere and Peter Cushing. Where Christopher Lee was Hammer’s trademark Dracula, Peter Cushing was their iconic Dr. Frankenstein. A man of many faces during the Hammer Era, Mr. Cushing seldom failed at delivering a top notch performance, and Frankenstein Created Woman does nothing but enforce that record. Single minded and utilitarian in his take on Dr. Frank, Cushing bypasses the zany and manic of Frankensteins past, and instead aims for a man that is cold and calculating, with a high disregard for human life when it comes to furthering his research.

Our plot for Frankenstein Created Woman focuses more on the monsterous disregard of human life brought to life by Peter Cushing. Seeing the wrongful execution of his trusty assistant does nothing to sadden the Baron, who instead jumps straight to his calculations to obtain the body in the needed amount of time to operate his soul capturing device. Reconstructing to he scarred Christina, she transcends a sad and distraught young girl, to being a product of the Baron’s work, and treated as such. Nothing bypasses the importantance of the man’s experiments. Nothing.

Peter Cushing

Frankenstein Created Woman is a fun little Hammer flick, and is one that be viewed by all fans of the genre. Following the Hammer formula for atomstphere and ambiance, Frank Makes Babes as a slow creeper. Not known for too many jump scares, or in your face horror at all, they instead focus on mystery, tension and the fear of a man seperated from the human condition, looking in at us as nothing but cogs in his many wheels. Perhaps a man with a god complex morso that a zany mad scientist, the Hammer take on Frank is a unique view on this tale that’s been told time and time again.

Much fun, despite the fact that I’m such a Hammer fanboi! Watch it, you’ll like it! (FYI, this one’s safe for the squeamish)

4 cushy Cushing’s causing chaos out of 5

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