Monday, November 26th, 2007 | Author: Colleen Criswell

Amateur Porn Star Killer

So, today I picked up one of the movies on the stack of films that
have been sent to us to review. Today’s film du-jour was “Amateur Porn
Star Killer” written directed and starring Shane Ryan. The movie which was filmed in entirety on a handheld video camera, is about a young man named Brandon who picks up a girl who claims to be 18 (played by the co-writer Michiko Jimenez ) who is waiting on a ride. He invites her back to his hotel room to make a movie, then after a very awkward
interview period, he rapes and kills her.

The main focus on the movie is in reality, the urban legend of the snuff film. The beginning of the movie we get a little background on the “myth” of the snuff film. There is still a lot of controversy over whether there is or is not such a thing. There has never been any actual movie that has been found to be genuine so at this time it is still just considered a myth. The ending of the movie gives us a little information on our killer; that he is still at large and that he apparently rented movies and then replaced them with his own films. Very much like “The Last Horror Film”.

Now from the get go we know what the movie is about. It says so right on the movie case; “This young girl will be humiliated, raped, murdered. And you will watch.” Unfortunately what it doesn’t tell you is that you get to enjoy the homemade movie of Mr. Ryan and his wife during the entirety of the film. Now don’t get me wrong, I have
nothing against a home video like that, however it had nothing at all to do with the movie. I mean if they made it out to look like it was the film that he taped over, that would make more sense but they didn’t do that. And then throughout the movie, you would see in the corner a window with them having sex, which was distracting, however it did give you something to focus on during the rather tedious parts
of the movie.

So we have the young girl who claims to be 18… Then she says no, she is 16… And then she says she is actually 13. And then we have Brandon, our host for the evening, who says he is 18. We see Brandon as a personable and fairly attractive young man, very much like Jeffrey Dahmer was said to be. Unfortunately, with the soft spoken lines and the rather boring build up to give it realism, which I am sure is the point, it also made me sit there looking at my watch and reaching for my DS. The rape didn’t seem like much of a rape to me, either. There was a showing of dominance, yes; she just sort of laid there like a rag doll and really gave us nothing to truly sympathize with. It just seemed overly choreographed and rather tedious. Where it is obvious that it was shot with a low quality camera, again adding to the realism of the film, the poor lighting, the odd angles and the shots of the floor and ceiling made the movie a bit annoying. I mean, I understand why it was filmed in this way but I would think that if this guy who we later understand has made the most wanted list in 10 states and has had over 81 films found, that he would at least know what he was doing giving us a better production.

With serial killers, they are usually very particular on how they do things. The drive is for a specific reason, not just the want to kill; there is something more to it. In video taping the kill he is showing that he wants to see his dominance, wants the world to see his dominance, but due to the poor filming and the fact that we didn’t really see it clearly, it makes it very difficult for me to view this guy as the serial rapist and killer that he is supposed to be seen as. In my mind he would have taken great care to have the camera set up properly to get the best view, he would have made sure that the lighting and the mood was just right so that we would be able to view his accomplishment. The fact that we were not given these things not only makes his kill worthless and meaningless, it doesn’t give us the whole impact of his mentality. In order to appreciate the depravity of his actions we must understand his madness. He video tapes it to let us see through his eyes; this movie, unfortunately, didn’t give me that.

The whole build up was a bit lack luster. Where it did give us the whole awkward feeling, as she sits there looking down at her hands not knowing what to say and acting all shy and coy, he really didn’t give us much of a reason to continue watching it. He is supposedly putting this movie out for us to see but he hasn’t given us a hook to keep us
watching. There was no real personality on either character’s part. The only really interesting character was the blond at the beginning of the movie. She at least gave us some personality.

2 penis shots out of 5

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