Sunday, March 30th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell

Midnight Muenster

Ladies and Gentlemen, Midnight Muenster is on the air.

Check it Out.

For those of you that have been hanging with us for awhile, you may remember Irreconcilable Differences featuring Colleen and Myself. After spending some time with the folks at BlogTalk Radio, we felt it was time to branch off on our own to give you a more entertaining, informative, and dynamic show. Hence, Midnight Muenster is born!

Midnight Muenster will be a weekly podcast starring Myself and Colleen once again. It will be dedicated to direct to video horror features, independent horror features, cult flicks, obscure, and classics.

Look for full episodes every Sunday Night, with updates here on Cinema!

Excited? Let us know! Email us at! If you are a director, producer, or PR Firm wanting to have your DVD reviewed on Midnight Muenster, we’re happy to help! Again, email us for details!

Thanks, and enjoy!

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