Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 | Author: Casey Criswell


Fellow word nerd & genre lover Bryan White at Cinema Suicide updated this morning with exciting news on his Proposed panel at South By Southwest:

Against all odds, my panel submission for the upcoming South By Southwest show in the interactive portion has passed the first test in spite of being submitted over a month late. And if you can believe that, it has nothing to do with movies. I’d love nothing more than to roll out there and pretend that I’m some kind of horror movie expert for the movie portion of the show, but the fact is that it’s in Austin and that place is overflowing with wannabe Tarantinos, Roths and Harry Knowles… so, you know.

Be sure to jump over and check out the full post to see how you can help! Voting’s easy, so why not? Bryan’s a stand up guy and knows his shit. It’s a pretty good idea to boot.

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