top science fiction films

Science fiction is a genre that has really come into its own since the huge advances made in cinematic technology from the 2000s onwards. Yet, although crazy special effects and exciting CGI can enhance a film, some of the greatest science fiction films of all time come from an earlier age, when quality depended not on an extortionate budget but on the story, the characters and the quality of acting.

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a name you will definitely find should you begin to research top science fiction films. Starring Harrison Ford as Deckard, the titular Blade Runner, this film is set in a lavish futuristic environment that still looks spectacular even today, although it was made nearly thirty years ago. Tackling conventional science fiction issues such as the nature of humanity versus artificial intelligence, Blade Runner is a genre classic that should be the starting point for any fan.

Another entry from Ridley Scott that just cannot be skipped over in favour of another director is 1979′s Alien. Although notably different in tone to Scott’s later science fiction classic, Alien shares some of Blade Runner’s dark cinematic style and involves similarly conflicted heroic figures who have their morals shaken. Sigourney Weaver, in her iconic role, plays female crew member Ripley. Although both Alien and Blade Runner weren’t hugely popular when first released, both have since become cult classics.

Finally, something a little more modern and from a director who isn’t Ridley Scott – 1999′s The Matrix is another integral science fiction movie that played a huge part in the development of the genre, contributing inspiration and ideas to a great many key films that followed (as well as integrating and manipulating ideas from great science fiction films of the past). Keanu Reeves plays Neo, a computer hacker who learns that his reality is nothing but a computer programme controlled by machines.

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