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Monday, September 23rd, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

Last night was the Emmy awards and, well, I…don’t really care! I still enjoy TV a heck of a lot though! So, I figured I’d throw out my own personal Emmy award list with four shows that have really caught my attention this summer. There’s no limousines or fancy dresses though, in case you were excited about that.

I’ll freely admit that when I first added scheduled “Broadchurch” to record, it was completely site unseen and due solely to the fact that David Tennant starred in it. Let’s face it; he was a great Doctor Who and a good actor in general from what little I had seen of him outside of the Doctor. I really wanted to see if he could separate himself from the character and shine without the special effects.
Guess what…he really can!

“Broadchurch” is about as far flung from science fiction as you can get, giving us gripping drama that leaves you on the edge of your seat and emotionally floored at time. It’s dark and brooding, as is Tennant’s character and it all flows together so well. The show follows the exact formula of AMC’s “The Killing”, an entire season spent on the investigation of one crime. While “The Killing” itself was pretty great, I’d dare say that “Broadchurch” executes the formula even better. There are so many solid side characters, all with great performances, and the mystery is written so well that it’s taken most of the season to be able to form a solid guess as to ‘who-done-it’.

While I wouldn’t call the ending of each episode a cliff hanger, every episode of “Broadchurch” finishes off with a heavy emotional gut punch that leaves you chomping at the bit for the next episode. Not because you want to see what happens next, but more because you need to.

I had never even heard of “The League” until I saw it pop up on Netflix. Once I became aware of it, I started catching snippets of people talking about it in their usual haunts. Late last week, a friend mentioned that Seth Rogen shows up in it at a later date, so I started to be come curious. I mean, I’ve played fantasy football, I like crude humor and I’m an unabashed Seth Rogen fan. I figured it was something I needed to watch, so Friday night I had some spare time and was caught up on the DVR so I decided to check out the pilot. This morning, I watched the first episode of Season 1 before heading out to work.

In a nut shell, “The League” is hilarious. It’s crude humor, quite offensive at times, but the cast is made up of a great group of lesser known actors and comedians. They all play perfectly off each other and makes for a lot of eye watering hilarity. The tag of “The League” being about Fantasy Football shouldn’t turn you off. It is indeed about Dungeons and Dragons for Jocks, but there’s so much more to it. You don’t need to know anything about Fantasy Football to get the jokes, as they’re most there for setting. The real fun comes with how this group lays into each other with the taunting and slams that I”m sure all of us can connect with in our own friendships. When you find out Katie Aselton can be just as crude and crass as the guys, it gets even funnier. Jon Lajoie’s songs are just icing on the cake here.

“Siberia” has been one of the biggest surprises of the summer season. If you are a horror fan, you really should have been watching this one. The setup is akin to “The Blair Witch” in the way it is presented and used the first person point of view to great effect. Pair this with the fact that these people are on a “Survivor” style reality show and you realize that you’ve been thinking “What If…?” while watching “Survivor” longer than you would have thought.

While the show is far from terrifying, it flows far better than Oren Peli’s attempt at bringing the first person gimmick to TV in “The River”. The editing is well done and works to fool you into believing the reality show setup. Once it starts to flow, it serves to make you feel like you’re uncovering the mystery right along with the contestants that are stuck in the wilds of Siberia. And again, “Siberia” is never really terrifying, but it is confusing, mysterious and creepy all the same. It’s a nice change from the usual attempts at abject terror that this little sub-genre aims for. Plus, the writers lean heavily on historical events, to the extent that actual footage from said historical events show up in later episodes. As a TV viewer, this makes everything even more fun as you sit and try and theorize as to what’s happening here. The show is one part “Blain Witch”, one part “Lost”. Let’s just hope they don’t wind up in Purgatory. I hate when the writers cop-out with Purgatory in these types of shows.

Simply put, “Longmire” is one of my favorite shows on television. While I don’t mind westerns, I don’t consider myself a die hard fan. “Longmire” mixes just enough cowboy with modern sensibilities to make this show a blast. Really, the stories in this show are second to the characters themselves. Walt Longmire is total badass with a humble streak that makes him the polar opposite of Raylan Givens. His past is dark and murky and he’s so humble you can’t help but like him. Lou Diamond Phillips was a bit forced in the first season as Walt’s indian friend, but he’s found his stride in season 2 and really feels like an integral part of the show. Katie Sackhoff is tough as nails, yet endearing. Ferg is a bumbling deputy, but lovable. Branch, Walt’s antagonist is grating and infuriating by design and he carries off the roll well. Even the bad guys are great.

Story wise, “Longmire” is no slouch though. Based off the Craig Johnson novels of the same name, the episodes contain fluid dialog and non-sappy drama. The mysteries are well balanced and well told, with over arching mysteries that grow from season to season. It’s kind of like the “X Files” without the aliens and monsters!

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

There once was a song, I’m sure you’re all familiar with it. The verse went something like, “What once was lost, now is found.” Such is my life as a fan of film. The once was, a man who loved to explore the filmscape in search of random treasures, treading through the mire of filth that once happens upon in such a search, and enjoying every smelly kernel of the trip. That film fan was lost though. He became swamped, overwhelmed with the act of keeping up and worrying about things he shouldn’t, such of fans and stats. Said man took a hiatus; he left to find himself, to locate that fan that once lay within him that he celebrated daily. The hunt took some time, but that film fan of old, now is found. The film fan stumbled upon a time where he could once again sit and enjoy a movie because the poster looked cool, of the cast impressive. He apologized to his circle of friends, hoped they would welcome him back and maybe he settled back in, things would go back to the way they once were. Let’s hope the reunion goes better for our intrepid film fan than it did for Yul Perkins in “Hit & Run”.

In my time away, I’d seen trailers for “Hit & Run”. It looked weird; I mean, it featured Bradley Cooper in White Man Dreads! That’s certainly an attention grabber. It also had a cast that caught my eye. I’ve long been fan of Kristen Bell since her days on “Veronica Mars” and Dax Sheppard’s always been hilarious. Knowing that they are real life ‘life partners’ as well, the idea of them working together on screen was a draw. The plot seemed odd enough to be something different, Dax Sheppard plays a former getaway driver who is in witness protection after ratting out is former gang, then falls in love with Kristen Bell in is newly adopted town. Her job situation lands her an interview in L.A., the very town that Dax is sworn to stay out of for his own safety. Thankfully, the contrived setup and stellar supporting cast combined to make a road movie that was at the same time hilarious, rather engrossing and a bit action packed. Really, it all fit together to make a really good story.

As I said, I’ve always found Dax Sheppard to be a solid actor. He’s proven his comedy chops in flicks like “Idiocracy” and he’s proven his more dramatic side on TV’s “Parenthood”. Here in “Hit & Run” he manages to put together a solid character that has a few facets to it. You know he’s done something wrong, yet you still find yourself cheering for him throughout the film. At times, you feel sorry for him and at others, you’re confident he’s going to win the day. He makes a character that’s easy for we the viewers to connect with, which is essential for this type of film. Kristen Bell plays well off of Sheppard. She’s sweet and innocent and you can understand where her frustrations come from when they arrive. You’re engaged throughout her and Sheppard’s ups and downs. Despite Bell’s solid performance though, you find yourself sticking with the film for Sheppard. Seeing as he directed the film, in addition to starring in it, it’s nice to see him stand out so well.

While the main plot of “Hit and Run” was its solid and true story telling, what made this movie so enjoyable for me was the supporting cast. With out this crew, the hilarity of the movie would not rank so high. Tom Arnold, believe it or not, is a scene stealer. His moments are all over the top, but honestly, what would you expect from Tom? Watching him ghost ride his mini van while discharging his fire arm was enough to bring out some loud laughter. When you find out after this fact that he’s actually a US Marshall? Even better. There are some other stalwarts that show up here, such as Kristen Chenowith and Sean Hayes, all of which are great in the short scenes they show up for, helping to round out the movie quite well. Seeing Bradley Cooper play against his stereo type was a nice change. Though his performance was nothing particularly mind blowing, it was a nice change from Mr. Hunky Leading man.

In the end? “Hit & Run” was easy to dismiss form the trailers alone, and I don’t think it fared very well in the box office. The marketing push was short, so I’m not surprised if most readers hear about it and say, “Oh, I remember that flick, Bradley Cooper in dreads…” Thanks to Neflix streaming though, you can go back and give it a watch and I think you’ll find it well worth your time.

So for now, your long lost film blogger bids you a fond adieu. He can’t really say if he’s back full time, or even regularly. He can say that he’s starting to feel his oats once again and that the time away has done him well. The landscape of movie geekdom looks mysterious and new once again, instead of stale and frustrating as it once was. If you’re feeling froggy, he’ll be happy to have your company on the journey once again.

Monday, August 19th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

My running addiction continues and with it, my love of making mix tapes on Spotify continues! I spent a good couple months on this one, it was pretty fun all in all. Don’t let the name of it fool you though; I’m really not all that sad. It sounds pretty catchy though, doesn’t it?

The upbeat tunes do help a lot for speed, but I find the bigger fight on long runs is the mental fatigue. These mellow tunes have made a big difference in my ability to mellow out, tune out and churn out some miles. This is a godsend when you start to focus on the miles left to cover and you find yourself panicking and talking yourself out of being able to complete them!

Music wise, there’s not a whole lot new in here. If you can’t tell, I REALLY like Deer Tick. They’ve made it into a couple of my playlists. Iron and Wine’s latest album Ghost on Ghost is really solid so it made for a good fit. Brett Dennan is a newcomer to my playlists. His tunes range from up beat to laid back, but he’s got a good sound. I plan on putting his full album into more regular rotation. The other new comer is Cami Bradley, who you may recognize from America’s Got Talent. Her cover tunes have been really great on the show and when I went out to try and find more info, I stumbled across a full album from her on Spotify! The entire disk is not quite my cup of tea, (she’s still a great talent, don’t get me wrong) but “The Best for Me” is really great. I’d say she should bust it out in the Semi Finals on AGT!

Allrighty, until next time, enjoy some Sad Dad & the Can’t Be Glad’s.

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Thursday, August 15th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

It’s 1619, you’re a guy named Raleigh who’s been busted for your nefarious ways and sentenced to death by the King of England. You’re not ready to go out like that though; you still have a lot of life in you. So, you set out for the colonies to make a name for yourself by doing something heroic to put yourself back in the king’s favor. You set your sights on the lost colony of Roanoke where surely you can become a hero in the war against the Spanish and nab yourself a reprieve on that execution thing. Except…the colonies, they’re on Mars. And the Spanish, they fight alongside the Martian Overlords. And you, you’re going to take them all on with your retro-futuristic wooden sky jet-ski armed with lasers!

I know, it sounds nutty right? It certainly is. The story plays directly to fans of science fiction though, especially if you’re a fan of things such as “John Carter of Mars”. Thankfully, this shoot-em-up packs in plenty of action to spice things up and screens full of bullet hell that will keep you on your toes. The controls are tight enough to make these moments of on screen chaos manageable. There are times where Jamestown feels like it might be a bit of an easy mode for the classic shmup fan; Raleigh’s hitbox is very tiny and you’ll find yourself getting away with moves that you know shouldn’t be able to. The game still manages to be a great time though and the story is so far out there, it feels worth pushing through the levels just to find out where they’re going with Sir Raleigh of Mars.

Come find me!

The Bloody Good Horror Podcast:
The 1951 Down Place Podcast:

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Monday, August 12th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

I’ve decided to play around with making some game video casts. Not sure where the idea’s going yet, but I figure why not! I play a lot of video games and I make a lot of podcasts…it all seems pretty logical! This first game, Super House of Dead Ninja’s is a lot of fun and I talked about it here on CF last week, so I figured it would make a good test subject to see if I had all the ins and outs of Fraps figured out!

More to come? Probably! I still don’t have a name or anything picked out and as of yet, I don’t even know if I’ll post them at BGH or Cinema Fromage, so stay tuned. You can always find out what’s going on with them on twitter by checking me out @CaseyBGH or on Steam

Find the free version of SHoDN at Adult Swim Games:

Find out more on Megadev and their Projects:

Find SHoDN on Steam:

Coming up Next: The Swapper


Thursday, August 08th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

So, caveats; I’ve never ran trails before! While I’m happy to report that after all my training, I wasn’t in over my head…It was definitely more rugged than I expected! I stuck to my plan of walking the hills, running the other stuff and it went pretty well. I started cramping up pretty bad at about mile 10.5, I’m 100% sure it was because I’m not used to the steep (for me) hill climbing. But, I ran till it hurt too bad, walked till it stopped and repeated. For me, while that’s not the way I’d pictured finishing in my mind, i never reached a point where I thought “oh lord I can’t do this”. Instead, my mind set was, “This is kicking my butt, but it’s freaking awesome, holy crap my calves hurt, but i’m going to finish this sucker!”

All in all? I’m pretty ecstatic. I’ve been running pretty much exactly a year, so I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. Plus? When I started running last July? I was 299 lbs, down from 351 lbs. Considering I finished a trail half having never ran trails at a svelte 237? I couldn’t care less if it took me 3 hours!

Things I learned;

Wow, trail running is awesome! I was jumping over logs, leaping culverts, heck I jumped a sink hole! IT WAS SO COOL! Way crazier than road racing!

Central Indiana has a pretty great running community! I had marathoners and such cheering me on the entire way. Felt good

I’ve got some hill work ahead of me!

Holy crap, my shoes sucked for muddy trails. Gotta fix that.

My nutrition & hydration plans? Pretty solid I think. I felt good, other than the hill cramps.

I chickened out on running the Indy Mini. I’ve run 13 mi. around 4 times in training before the race, but the ‘half’ name scared me. Now? I put that phobia behind me in grand fashion. Plus, I finished a trail half. The road half I want to do in October is going to be pretty manageable now that I now I can tackle a trail half!

So, great day! My legs are STILL sore as heck though, but it’ll work out! Plus, I won a free water bottle by knowing Andy Gibb sung Shadow Dancing! Hard to beat all that for a good day!

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Thursday, August 08th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

Back in February, I built a new pc solely for the purpose of returning to the world of PC gaming. Since then I’ve fallen in love with Steam and the multitude of games and bargains contained with in! Some of my biggest enjoyment comes from the plethora of retro style platformers that exist out there as they all feel nostalgic and I find that oddly enough…in my old age, Im actually way better at them than I was a kid! Who’d a thunk? These days, video games have become my vice since I quit smoking and emotional eating, so I go through quite a few games. My nightly ‘unwind’ is to play, which all in all is quite a bit healthier than my old habits! Going along with the games, I’ve gotten in with a great community on Steam and I’ve been having a blast posting random game recommendations on there, so I figured I’d start talking games here in an effort to breathe some life into Cinema Fromage.

If you’re on Steam and want to play some time, be sure to add me! Cinema Fromage on Steam

I’m a little thick sometimes. When I first bought SHoDN during the summer sale, I played it about three times and I didn’t get it. There wasn’t a lot of explanation to the game and with the over stimulation that the summer sale brings, I didn’t have the attention span to sit down and give it a chance. I wound up shutting the game down, vaguely wondering if I wasted $3 and proceeded to waste my time in other things.

Cut to three weeks later, I see people talking about SHoDN on the forums a lot and I figure I paid $3 for it; I might as well give it a shot. The first time through, I thought the keyboard controls were a little cumbersome but I was starting to understand the game concept; score points, extend your time, get us far down the tower as you can. Seemed solid, it was starting to sink its claws in.

Later that morning, I was messaged by someone on my friends list, urging me to submit my scores so they had somebody to compete against on the leader boards. I hadn’t even realized there were leaderboards, so I played through again and submitted. That’s when the claws sunk in even deeper; competing against your friend’s high scores is super addictive. I figured I was in there, so I started clicking around in the menus and that’s when I discovered that there’s controller support in SHoDN! Around this time, a game I thought I might have wasted my money on turned into a full on addiction.

SHoDN is dead simple in concept, but with challenging maps and tight controls it turns into a great little time attack platformer. It’s difficult in all the right ways and its design of getting ever farther down the tower, combined with trying to outscore your friends list makes it a game you’ll return to. It’s simple nature makes it a perfect fit for those times when you want 10 minutes of distraction instead of 3 hours of character development, but there’s a strong chance it’s going to suck you into that dreaded, “just one more try” state of mind.

I’ve yet to try the new DLC that was added this week, but it’s officially on the wish list!

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Monday, August 05th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

With the Quakecon sale kicking off on Friday, I was a bit surprised to see that there was a Quake 4! Sure, I got away from PC gaming for awhile and it had been a REALLY long time since I was heavy into Doom and Quake, but I felt a little funny that I didn’t know this existed! With a cheap price I figured it was a must play for nostalgia’s sake at the very least. I didn’t expect a whole lot out of it, which is good because it turns it’s okay. Not great, but okay.

I run a couple of movie podcasts, so I watch a lot of flicks. The state of the modern shooter in comparison to classic style shooters compares pretty well to the world of movies. Most of the time, you like to watch a movie that’s well put together, highly polished, engaging and engrossing. This translates to your modern shooters in the game world. Games such as Bioshock Infinite or even Deadspace are a different beast than the shooters we all cut our teeth on. They’re deep, they have branching stories, they’re well put together. It’s a production…an experience.

Jumping back to your movie world. you have another class of movie which boils down to your dumb action or horror movies, stuff put out by the likes of Syfy Channel or Asylum. These movies are cheesy with no depth whatsoever. They’re there simply to treat you to explosions and special effects, nothing more than the spectacle. Quake 4 fits in perfectly with this type of movie; there’ s no depth to it whatsoever, it’s there simply for you to run around and shoot aliens. And that’s it.

Much like watching the movies though, sometimes we simply don’t feel like wrapping our head around something deep. We want to munch popcorn and watch stuff explode. Video games are the same way, and Quake 4 is a pretty perfect fit for those moods. It’s a solid through back to the good old days where you’re only concern was checkpoints and finding your way to the rail gun. The story is a nice aside but really doesn’t do anything to suck you into the game. You’re sticking around for the fun of shooting Stroggs and seeing what the weapons do.

There’s some sections in Quake 4 that are annoying. The vehicle sections are slow and clunky which makes them frustrating when you’re trying to dodge. Some of them feel like you’re on a rail shooter without a whole lot to shoot at. The game is way too long for what you’re there for too.

In the end though, things blow up pretty well and it play smoothly while showing it’s age. It’s worth $5 and a Sunday afternoon.

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Thursday, June 27th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

I know I’ve been saying I’m going to start doing more blog posts here on health, fitness and my journey but…the day job has been crazy this month and it leaves no brain power for writing! But here I am at any rate. Along with burning brain cycles at work, I’ve also been doing a lot of reading to try and figure out how to change up my weight lifting routine since I’ve been going 13 weeks on the current one.

So far, I haven’t found a definite plan that I want to dive into. There are so many different weight lifting programs out there and a lot of them over lap with each other. It can be pretty overwhelming. At the same time, I’m starting to realize that I may not need as much of a program that lays everything out for me anymore. I’ve been doing this enough, I’m starting to get a good sense on what I need to work on on my own, which leads me off to finding even more specialized lifts, then I get even more overwhelmed, and I keep doing the same thing! So, I came up with a compromise.

For the past 13 weeks, I’ve been doing more of body building/hypertrophy type program because I had zero muscle definition before and I figure if I’m going to be skinny, I might as well look good when I get there! This involves doing lower weights at higher reps (10-15 reps) and isn’t bad. I’ve really been missing the base building lifts though, which is heavier weight for lower reps. Seeing as I haven’t been able to find a particular program that’s really grabbed my attention, I decided I’ll combine the two! There are roughly 4 core lifts that are the basis for the Strength Program, that get used in the hypertrophy programs as well. Those are Bench Press, Over Head Press, Barbell Squats and Deadlifts. My compromise that I started incorporating this week is to go back to high weight and low reps on these lifts, and stick with the low weight and high reps on all the other accessory stuff. I won’t be doing Deadlifts still, because those run too much of a risk of hurting my back. I may incorporate rack pulls though, which is sort of…the upper range of motion of a deadlift. The biggest change here, is that I will be going BACK to Squats. I’m going to try to at least.

My biggest focus fitness wise is running, because I love it and it helps center me as far as anxiety and nervous energy goes. I stopped doing leg lifts back when I started this last program because i was starting to have problems with leg recovery from the lifting and the running. It’s hard to run 30 miles a week when your legs are still fried 5 days later. Plus, my legs are already pretty big from the 6 months of Starting Strength where you do squats 3 days a week, not to mention from 10 years of carrying my 351lbs around daily. That is to say, I’m not at risk of looking like a broseph who does upper body only. Fridays are normally rest days, so I will start doing squats on Thursdays, hoping that my legs have recovered enough for long runs on Saturdays. This will take some experimentation, but we’ll get there!

I miss doing barbell squats. They make you feel pretty powerful when you’re moving nearly 300 lbs without too many issues. Plus, they’re a whole body lift since you use muscles throughout your core to help as well. Really…they’re pretty great and good for runners as well.

So, here’s what my program should start looking like now:

Barbell Bench Press:
135 lb x 5 reps (+67 pts)
155 lb x 5 reps (+77 pts)
185 lb x 5 reps (+94 pts)
205 lb x 5 reps (+108 pts)
205 lb x 5 reps (+108 pts)
205 lb x 5 reps (+108 pts)
225 lb x 1 reps (+68 pts)
Barbell Incline Bench Press:
135 lb x 12 reps (+81 pts)
135 lb x 9 reps (+78 pts)
135 lb x 7 reps (+74 pts)
135 lb x 10 reps (+79 pts)
Decline Barbell Bench Press:
100 lb x 12 reps (+43 pts)
100 lb x 7 reps (+39 pts)
100 lb x 5 reps (+35 pts)
Machine Chest Fly (Pec Deck):
160 lb x 12 reps (+23 pts)
160 lb x 12 reps (+23 pts)
160 lb x 11 reps (+23 pts)
Machine Dips:
180 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)
180 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)
180 lb x 10 reps (+26 pts)
Weighted Decline Sit-Up:
10 lb x 15 reps (+22 pts)
10 lb x 15 reps (+22 pts)

rkout for 1,483 pts Jun 25, 2013
3 reps (+54 pts)
2 reps (+40 pts)
2 reps (+40 pts)
2 reps (+40 pts)
Its not many, but its all me!
Lat Pulldown:
140 lb x 12 reps (+30 pts)
140 lb x 12 reps (+30 pts)
140 lb x 12 reps (+30 pts)
Seated Cable Row:
80 lb x 12 reps (+29 pts)
80 lb x 12 reps (+29 pts)
80 lb x 12 reps (+29 pts)
Wide-Grip Pulldown Behind The Neck:
120 lb x 12 reps (+36 pts)
120 lb x 12 reps (+36 pts)
120 lb x 10 reps (+35 pts)
Ab Crunch Machine:
90 lb x 15 reps (+15 pts)
90 lb x 15 reps (+15 pts)
90 lb x 12 reps (+14 pts)
Dumbbell Side Bend:
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
45 lb x 12 reps (+32 pts)
Hanging Bent Leg Raise:
12 reps (+5 pts)
12 reps (+5 pts)
12 reps (+5 pts)
12 reps (+5 pts)
12 reps (+5 pts)
T-Bar Row:
90 lb x 12 reps (+33 pts)
90 lb x 12 reps (+33 pts)
90 lb x 12 reps (+33 pts)
90 lb x 12 reps (+33 pts)


Barbell Squats:

Rack Pulls:

Side Lateral Raise:
25 lb x 12 reps (+9 pts)
25 lb x 12 reps (+9 pts)
25 lb x 12 reps (+9 pts)
Machine Chest Fly (Pec Deck):
160 lb x 12 reps (+23 pts)
160 lb x 10 reps (+23 pts)
145 lb x 11 reps (+21 pts)
Barbell Shrug:
185 lb x 12 reps (+41 pts)
185 lb x 12 reps (+41 pts)
185 lb x 12 reps (+41 pts)
Barbell Shrug Behind The Back:
185 lb x 12 reps (+27 pts)
185 lb x 12 reps (+27 pts)
185 lb x 12 reps (+27 pts)
Triceps Pushdown:
80 lb x 12 reps (+13 pts)
80 lb x 11 reps (+13 pts)
80 lb x 10 reps (+13 pts)
Barbell Curl:
70 lb x 10 reps (+18 pts)
70 lb x 9 reps (+18 pts)
70 lb x 6 reps (+17 pts)
Standing Military Press:
95 lb x 12 reps (+91 pts)
95 lb x 12 reps (+91 pts)
95 lb x 10 reps (+89 pts)

This is still up in the air mind you, so it could change up. Thursdays are generally pretty heavy on shoulder and arm stuff, so the arm stuff may get bumped to Fridays to cut down on Thursday time at the gym.

So , that’s that! It’s been a good week success wise. I hit 236 lbs this week, which is exciting! Plus, I can officially do unassisted pull-ups, which is even more exciting! Plus, I plan on posting my month mileage after Saturday’s long run which is promising to be pretty damn exciting, to me at any rate!

So long, and thanks for all the Fish!

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Thursday, June 20th, 2013 | Author: Casey Criswell

The weight loss beast has been a fickle mistress this week. I hit a new low of 237.4 over the weekend, but then I’ve been holding hard to 240-239 for the better part of the week. This is mostly just stubbornness on my body’s part, as the diet and exercise has been spot on. It’s just one of those ugly things you have to contend with, especially as you start to get towards the end of your journey. That last sentence, “…you start to get towards the end of your journey” has been the train of thought that helps to keep these weeks where the weight is being a nuisance manageable. When I weighed in on Saturday at 237.4, there was a thought starting to take shape that I couldn’t quite put my thumb on. Then, I took some updated comparison pictures to enter a contest with MyFitnessPal, and that thought came full circle; I’m under 40 lbs to my ultimate goal of 200 lbs! It’s hard to get discouraged when you look at it like that.

That brings me to another thought; the importance of progress pics. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I’ve lost the weight and taking lots of progress pictures has been one of the most important tools in my toolbox. As a person going through the journey, you simply can’t see the change often times. You look at yourself every day, so it’s hard to notice the gradual shift in how your body looks. It’s even harder to let go of that mental image of your former self. Even today, I look in the mirror and if it’s a slow week loss wise, all I can see if the fat that is still there. It may sound odd to somebody outside the process, but problems with things like body dysmorphia exist and can be a pretty big blow to your mental state of mind. With progress pictures though, you can place your current self side by side with your old self and then, even your own brain cannot hide the fact that you’ve come so far! I’ve taken a lot of pictures in my year plus long journey and I’ve had to use them quite often to quell that nagging voice of failure in my mind. Every time you place them side by side, you can get an instant shot of confidence and mental well-being, and that’s usually enough to help you buckle down and push away that bag of chips you were contemplating, just because your weight was up and you figured what’s the point of trying any more.

Those situations are going to happen. It’s important to have the proper tools to be able to combat that.

And finally, while on the topic of people asking me how I lost weight, what’s my secret and such, I may have clearer answers for you on that subject here in the near future. Throughout my weight loss journey, one of my best and oldest friends Garry King has been taking the weight loss plunge alongside me. We’ve managed to lean on each other when times got tough, temptation was high and the scales were just down right frustrating. Garry’s had as good as success as I have and he’s also had a lot of people asking him about how he lost his weight as well. Between the two of us, we see a lot of misinformation out there on the weight loss process, a lot of information that can scare people off, or teach them unhealthy habits that will only work for the short term. So, Garry and I have been talking and we’re thinking there’s going to be a new podcast here in the near future to address all of those issues. So far, it’s looking like it will be a bi-monthly cast and will cover everything from calorie counting, exercise and emotional eating. We don’t pretend to be experts on the subject, but we know what worked for us quite well. We also know the importance of making a lifestyle change vs. a temporary diet and it’s that line of thought we hope to share!

With that, I’m out! It’s time to go finish breakfast #2!


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